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Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Wow - feels like Christmas!

I have had loads of parcels today! My Cropadile Big Bite arrived pre ordered from Sir Stampalot, with some bags and pots of eyelets, and some special eyelets and snaps for it arrived from the USA.

Also more stamps, a bargain lot of Stampendous clear stamps. Also 4 Tuff boxes I ordered to store my wooden stamps in and they are perfect for that, you can put them upside down to store the stamps correctly rubber side up, and turn them over to see what is in there and they stack beautifully.

I also got my Papercraft Inspirations magazine, and guess what - the free gift is a set of spring stamps!

I couldn't open any of the packages when I first got home as we were going to a free film preview and I only had time to get changed and jump in the car.

The film we saw was 27 dresses, a romantic comedy a bit like 4 weddings and a funeral but not nearly as good, very American, bit sugary - girl gets correct boy, or is it boy gets girl in the end!

The weather was awful, we had to fight our way back to the car park in gales and rain!

So now I am too tired to play with my new toys, or decide if the 50th card needs one more ribbon.... I think I will go to bed!

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