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Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Tagged again!

Thanks to Mel, of Mel's creative corner!

This is the third time I have been tagged recently, quite an honour I guess!

I need to find 6 bloggers to pass this onto again that I haven't already tagged, but last time not many actually took on this challenge!

I also need to tell you 6 things about me (I hope I don't repeat what I said last time).

1. I love rock music
2. I have two grown sons
3. I also love turquoise (as I see Mel does)
4. I have only been abroad once nearly three years ago to Prague
5. I used to have two tortoises, then a third one turned up but I gave them to a good home when I was pregnant. Wish I had kept them.
6. I used to dream of having a pony and threw in my A levels to work in a stables to "train" for nothing. That all went horribly wrong!

Here are the rules:

1.put a link to the person who tagged you
2 . mention the rules to each person you tag
3. mention 6 things about you
4. tag 6 other people and provide links to their blogs
5. leave comments on these peoples blogs to tell them they have been tagged

I will tag the following:

1 Kerry Angelwings who despite having a back op keeps on crafting.
2. Jules DevonBunny who is another busy lady and lovely with it.
3. Peanutnut, who is Snoopy mad and makes lovely things.
4. Colleen, the NZcrafter who does amazing quilling.
5. Silvercustard, who is an emerging star.
6. FeFe who is another amazing mum and crafter.

I hope you haven't got fed up with being tagged ladies!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the tag, I shall add it to my blog once I've slept lol

    Jules x


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