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Wednesday, 26 March 2008

New Stash

Here is just some of my new stash, some second hand and some new stamps, and some pens and flowers!

I am not generally keen on little children with no mouths but I seem to have acquired one, she is a rag doll though, and rather cute!

Now last night I started organising my clear stamp sets, and found that a small "birthday" was missing.
Last seen next to "happy" on an acrylic block!

So I started searching through the pile of stuff the block was sitting on, no luck. Gave my rotary trimmer a good clean even under it, but nothing. Started lining up punches that needed to go away in a line on the trimmer and ..... I felt something on one of them..... yes it was "birthday"!

So having sorted out most of the clear stamps and decided I need another clear stamp wallet, and put the punches away apart from the set of three that won't fit I am now attempting to organise my wood mounted stamps into themes in the Tuff boxes.

I want to lay them all out on the lounge floor but DH is home for lunch so I will have to wait or manage in here, but there is not a lot of floor visible in here!


  1. Hi Cazzy

    You certainly do have alot of stamps (lucky you)

    I think the number of stamps is 189

    Chooks xx

  2. just looking at this and saw your mention of the rag doll with no mouth, do as I do with the Sugar Nellie's and draw in the mouth, you can make it a smiley face or sad or whatever expression you feel fits the card....

    Dee X PCJ

  3. I was thinking about that Dee. I am not very good at drawing, I have some face stamps somewhere though!

  4. Hi Chooks, I go a bit stamp crazy! It isn't as though I have used many of them!


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