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Saturday, 8 March 2008

Robo blues and slide show success

Hooray, thanks to a kind person on the bloggers forum I have got the slide show back where and how I want it! In fact it looks better than before I think.

I have been trying to get Design Manager for Craft Robo working, but I had to reinstall everything after the PC problems and reformatting. This is the first time I have tried to use it, and everytime I opened a file I got a message saying a security device was missing, then it shut down!

So I thought I would use Robo Master and look on the Cutters disk for a 50 template to make a card but I kept getting error messages there too, it seems I have a faulty CD so I need a replacement or the files emailed to me, I would rather have a new CD so I won't have it in time. So I will either have to make a new template with Robo Master unless Graphtec can sort out DM for me, or I will have to do something else!

With all that going on and the fact I haven't been feeling well for a few days, especially yesterday, I haven't managed to get to making any cards yet, I will soon!

I was watching QVC and trying to work out if I wanted one of the kits for sale, but I have decided against it! I have so much stuff and have spent loads lately I really don't need it!

I got Craft Stamper Magazine today, it has a little Easter stamp with eggs and two cute ducks on it and I like the examples although I have hardly ever used the free stamps from the last 4 years, and never make the ones in the magazine but this time I think I might make them but I need the pearlescent card in the colours. You can buy a kit for £17 with some card, 3 souffle pens, Chippies chipboard flowers and hearts, and ink pads ribbon and brads! I have found the Chippies separately, want a set of the pens, have loads of ink pads but not sure I have all the colours of card in pearlescent!

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  1. Hi Cazzy - I tried again to use Design Master, they've now sent me 3 new licence files, none of them work, like you I get a message and the thing just shuts down. I am fed up with it. It feels more like a home made program than a professional job. Luckily the old robo program does work... but I've had it with Design Master, I'm going to save up for the KNK program, it works with the robo but without all the hassle.

    Glad you got your slide show sorted.



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