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Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Right he has gone!

Sooty chilling in my craft room!

So I have laid out all the Tuff boxes I currently have with wood mounted stamps in them, and there are more in the box at the end.

My previous logic was to try and keep things together but to fit in as many stamps as possible so there are some unlikely combinations in some boxes!

I have to sort them out into collections, photograph each one and get them back in here before I have to go out at 15:00 hours!

Then I will have a catalogue of all the mounted stamps!

Watch out for exciting news coming soon!

Alfie supervising the stamp sorting!

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  1. Hi Cazzy
    Thanks for the comments on my blog. Wow what a lot of stamps. I am feeling a little better and am posting again drop by/ See you soon


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