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Saturday, 29 March 2008

Lots of guesses to win blog candy!

Here is Alfie enjoying one of his favourite treats - a raw carrot!

How many stamps - keep the guesses coming folks!

Now if you make two guesses realising you made a mistake first time, I will only take the last one as being your entry even if the previous guess were more correct!

I should have said one entry per person, one person made a mistake (Louly) and guessed again, and contacted me to say that. I will allow that to happen only once per person and only if they are consecutive comments.

Any more than two guesses and you are out!

Mel sweetie, I don't have a shop! It is just my craft room. Not as spectacular as some I have seen but better than others! Maybe I should open it up as a shop, I am pretty well stocked up!

No I haven't used them all, hardly any of them! But now they are more organised I will.

I have changed the look of the slide show again, the photographers are not hiding the card now! I may have to run another poll as I only got 4 votes on photographers or not!


  1. You have been tagged by me, check out my blog for details

  2. Hi Cazzy, thanks for alerting me to my slide show problem, I'd noticed the message at the top but thought it was only visible to me. Sorry about my change of mind on your stamp guess hun, I hope it didn't cause any problems, with it being the first two comments I thought it'd be OK.
    PS Your dog is mega cute.

  3. That O.K. Lou, didn't want you to get unwanted photos!

    You let me know about the reason for your second guess so that is fine, but I had a second person just take two guesses for no apparent reason so I thought I better put something in the rules about it, I could see people taking lots of guesses in order to try and win!


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