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Monday, 31 March 2008

Tagged again

This is the 4th time I have been tagged, thanks very much to Kerry Angelwings, but I have decided to pass as I only just got tagged and tagged others very recently!

I can't go through it again right now, sorry Kerry! (Also Kerry was one of the people I tagged which turned out to be jointly with Mel, Kerry didn't notice but tagged me back!)

Keep those guesses coming, check the photos first! 20 days to go until I pick a winner, and I have a lot of goodies, you could get eyelets, toppers, papers, ink pads, stamps, ribbons - a selection of goodies to play with!

I have been back at work today, despite suffering from a "non specific virus". I wasn't feeling too bad but I am seizing up all over now! Suffered for the past week and a half - just my luck as I have been on leave!

I have had antibiotics from a hospital doctor, had my teeth xrayed then got the non specific verdict from another doctor - great holiday (NOT)!

Had a reasonable journey to work this morning, despite the 12 week roadworks closing one of the main routes and forcing loads of traffic onto the road I take daily, but coming back was hell! Once the jam cleared I got stuck behind a 40 mph driver, who had so many political and footy slogans on his back window I doubt he could see the queue behind him!

I am not looking forward to my journey in tomorrow as I have to get to a different office, and go through the worst of the traffic!


  1. Hi! Thanks for your comment on my blog, glad to see you made the effort to brave the Frenhc language, even though it's minimal. Your blog looks fab!!! As you've guessed, I'm a cardmakling fan too... but I'm only starting!!!

  2. Merci Christel, I was going to attempt some French but mine is very bad, to non existent and I can't think tonight!

  3. I've given you an award on my site for all the kind messages you've put on my blog!

  4. i to cant keep up with the tagging and awards etc!!!!! so have done my own award...you dont need to do anything hun but i have awarded you..pop over to my blog to have a peek xx

    take care



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