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Monday 18 February 2019

Cazzy Hookin' time: Well hello there!

Cazzy Hookin' time: Well hello there!: I’ve not blogged for ages, years! I just don’t seem to have time these days. I finally finished Persian Tiles in Stylecraft Life by ...

Sunday 4 June 2017

Quirky June challenge and it's Quirky things with Wings.

Over at Quirky Crafts we have two sponsors this month, Bugaboo and Limited Runs. I have not managed to do any papercrafting for this challenge so I have found a couple of cards I made for previous challenges, I hope you will forgive me. In fact things started off well when we started challenges once more, and I had good intentions then my Dad was diagnosed with the same cancer that killed my hubby last year, and he collapsed a few weeks before Easter and died Easter Sunday. Talk about kicking a person when they are already down! 
Because of that and having to do a lot more for my mum, as well as mother in law, and sorting various things out I haven't had the time or energy to papercraft. I did start to sort out my craft stuff and put it in my new unit, and I have been revamping storage in the craft room but there is no space to craft right now for stuff that needs sorting!

The first card is made using Bugaboo digis, Ladybug Stack and Birdie Told me. A stamped background on this one.

The second card is made with Limited Runs digital stamps, I used Whootie Owl and Mushrooms

This challenge will close on the 23rd of the month when Inlinkz subs run out! 

Due to my problems this will be the last challenge for a few months, Quirky will take a long Summer break and might be back in a new format, there is a lot of thinking and working out to do but we hope to go back to more stamping and mixed media, and we really would love some non digi sponsors, real stamp sponsors to compliment the regular sponsors that have been so good to us.

Sunday 2 April 2017

Quirky Crafts Challenges: Challenge #2: Quirky Pet's

Quirky Crafts Challenges: Challenge #2: Quirky Pet's: Hello there it is Tinz here with your new challenge at our re-vamped Quirky Challenge Blog. It is a pleasure to be working with these...

Sunday 5 March 2017

Long time no see - Quirky Picture this challenge.

Quirky Crafts challenges are back, and we need at least one more person on the team so we are having a DT call as well.
The first challenge of 2017 is set by me and is Called Quirky Picture This. I want you to use a photo either the actual photo on your project, or to be inspired by the colours, layout, elements of your favourite photo, and if you don't use the whole photo on your make you need to show us the photo you used.
I didn't know if I was going to be able to make something, it's been a long time and my mojo was gone, but I did it! I printed four photos of my dogs, well mostly of my new rescue dog Luna who has been here two months now since flying from Cyprus with just one of Sooty at the bottom. Life has never been the same, and I have had to buy new footwear and a shoe cupboard with doors to keep her from the shoes and boots! The top photo shows the first shoe of mine she destroyed!
The photo of her sitting is when she first arrived, sitting looking cute in her new crocheted jumper with pretty buttons to put it on - until she chewed them all off making holes in the process! Now it is sewn together and has to go over her head and has a few chunks missing!
Our sponsors for this challenge are Bugaboo and Crafty Ribbons, and all the cute digi dogs I used are part of the same set called Bugvalpup. I had to get some of the Instagram camera ribbon for this too, and more muddy paws ribbons. I also added buttons, twine and an odd sequin. I coloured the pups and hearts with Graph'it markers, and found that the canvas paper I used is very absorbent and it's impossible to blend, the ink just dries instantly.
The canvas is mounted on a frame which was part of a set destined for the charity shop, it seemed like a good idea to try using it. 

I finished the picture with muddy paws ribbon all round the outside.

Hop on over to Quirky and see what the rest of the team have made and maybe join in the fun!

Challenges Entered:
Crafty Gals Corner - add ribbon (Tues)
As you like it - favourite non card make - this because it is my gorgeous doggies! (ends Wed 8th)
Inspiration Destination - anything goes #123 (14th March)
Colour Crazy Challenge - anything goes (17th March)
Love to Create - 5 anything goes (18th March/2nd April)
Catch the Bug - anything but a card (March)
Love to scrap - LTSCB #95 - Anything Goes! (March)

Challenges won:
Crafty Ribbons, entered on Facebook.
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Wednesday 18 January 2017

Cazzy Hookin' time: Almost missed T for Tuesday!

Cazzy Hookin' time: Almost missed T for Tuesday!: Is it Tuesday???? I thought it was Monday all afternoon, got confused! I am sorry I haven't been round and commented, I really meant...

Tuesday 10 January 2017

Cazzy Hookin' time: T on Tuesday with Loony Luna

Cazzy Hookin' time: T on Tuesday with Loony Luna: Homemade mushroom �� soup from a Slimming World recipe and I'm showing you this because it's T on Tuesday at Elizabeth and Bleub...

Tuesday 27 December 2016

Time for Tea on Tuesday, the day after Boxing day!

This isn't crochet related so it's on the Cazzytime blog.

On the subject of Quirky Crafts, we are hoping to resume challenges soon, but we need a couple more people on the team to make it work so please contact me if you are interested.

This was Sooty when he heard he was to get a pre Christmas bath. Legs turned to jelly lol and hiding in the corner furthest from me as the door was shut so he couldn't dash down the stairs!
 NOOOOOO, I don't want to go in the shower...
 this is horrible....
 ..getting dry is nice, I love rubbing all round the bed and furniture afterwards, and even like the hair dryer...
 ... all fluffy and dry, time to play with Pooh bear!

Sooty and I took a holly wreath up to the grave, but the new stone isn't there yet so only Shaun's dad's name is there, RIP my darling, and thank you for the beautiful card and present you must have arranged before you died, I wasn't expecting it and it had me in bits on Christmas day xx

I have another funeral to go to, my lovely aunt passed away after battling dementia for many years following the death of my cousin, RIP Auntie Margaret. It will bring it all back again.

Frogging with my niddy noddy (I love saying that).

Meeting friends on our walks....

 ...this one is a little shy....
 ...his friend isn't shy!
 Sunset, it wasn't actually dark but shooting at the sun did this, and blinded me for a while!
This crazy friend wanted his photo taken but never keeps still so it is blurred!

Boxing day - decided to get the clippers out...

...well they said it was mild....

...the reaction to the clippers was the same as the shower, but there is no escape...

....if I sitz on it she can't clip it.....

....whee, feels better now, and she has stopped! (As for mild, it was really cold out and has been frosty and icy since).

You were wondering where the tea was, well here it is, tea and turkey salad. Well it is T for Tuesday at Elizabeth and Bleubeard's place!

The best way to trim the underneath of the paws and to clip the nails - only possible with much bribery!

Sooty's daily carrot!

The good news is that Luna will be with us at the weekend, the hard work starts then! If you don't know who Luna is read the last post!

Tuesday 6 December 2016

Tuesday 8 November 2016

Cazzy Hookin' time: T on Tuesday on my crochet blog.

Click the link below to go to the post on my crochet blog, lots of photos of Christmas grotto! Cazzy Hookin' time: T on Tuesday on my crochet blog.: So sorry I haven't been round and commented on anyone from last week, I really appreciated all of your lovely comments - but the wee...

Tuesday 1 November 2016

T on Tuesday and the new unit is here!

You can't see it but I had fruit tea with a healthy lunch of melon and cottage cheese with nuts and cinnamon. I'm showing you this because it is time for T on Tuesday at Elizabeth and Bleubeard's gaff!

Last Friday was a sad day but a relief too, my husband's ashes (and 4 dogs ashes) were interred into his father's grave with a small family ceremony. It brought back sadness but relief his wishes had been carried out. There is a new gravestone to sort out as a final thing to do.
Today I had a phone call from one of Shaun's friends who ( very generously together with his 90 year old mother who didn't know Shaun) wants to donate some money to Dorothy House via my Just Giving page, and the badminton club that Shaun belonged to also want to donate. The page link is in the sidebar at the top, and another page for the RUH forever Friends cancer care appeal.

New squishyness.

Gorgeous hand dyed gradient squishyness!

Two little "helpers".

Surrounded by  Really Useful Boxes, ready to go in the new unit.

The big box of hanging files is not for the unit but now holds my crochet patterns.

YAY! The unit arrived at last!

WIP, I put some of the castors on and my son did the rest.

The shelf pegs were really tricky to get in the middle section which is under the overhanging desk, you really need a 4 year old to do it! This went quite well until he declared his head was too big and went on strike!

Nearly finished, just a few more shelves to go in.

Here is the finished unit, I haven't finished filling the boxes yet! The Salcombe Petite unit is from Storage4Crafts, and comes in different finishes. I went for maple and plain doors. I think this is going to be really really useful! It takes less room than the old big desk when closed, and is going to be able to hold so much stuff! It is on castors so can be moved about, the two side sections roll open when needed and it has a soft notice board that takes velcro and has elastic to put things in to keep to hand.

I will be able to sew and papercraft on it, and I am sure I will get the papercrafting bug back once I sort more of my stash into it.

Tuesday 25 October 2016

T on Tuesday, I'm back!

 Well I've not joined in for many months at Elizabeth's and Bleubeard's place for tea on Tuesday, but here I am with my hot chocolate in the foreground surveying heaps of boxes.

I had to clear out my craft room when my husband was supposed to be coming home, and I had a hospital bed and equipment installed in here ready, which meant a lot of boxes of stash were relocated upstairs and to any available space. After (my husband died in the hospice) the equipment was collected I decided that I didn't want the table that was in here with all it's messy boxes underneath.

(I should mention here that my husband passed away in August, in case you didn't read the last post linked below which is on my crochet blog, as several people assumed he was still alive, sorry my fault.)

Instead I would buy a Really Useful Storage unit called The Petite Salcombe from Storage4Crafts. This is a folding unit that holds lots of different size Really Useful Boxes, and the plan is to sort my stash back into the boxes and they will be stored out of sight when it's folded and easily accessible when working.

I'm currently rethinking which stash will go in the boxes, a lot of what was under and around the old desk was yarn and that won't necessarily work with this system because it would totally fill and and maybe some of the boxes aren't big enough for yarn stash.

What I might do now is to clear out some drawers of stash that are currently under the bench down the side of the room. Then I might have room for the yarn boxes, and even buy a few more under bed storage boxes for yarn if I need to. Not sure what I will do with the drawers yet - unless the yarn can go in the larger ones!

I'm also thinking I can maybe clear some of my shelves and store things that didn't fit on them.
This 35l box will not fit the unit, not sure where I will put it. I bought two that hold hanging files, the first one is 19l but I wasn't sure one would be big enough, and I decided to use this one instead for all of my (mostly printed) crochet patterns in the same place and labelled into types of pattern so I can find them easier, except for those (now probably vintage) ones I have in a folder, and the crochet magazines. I have sorted all the loose patterns into here now. There is room for more when I print them too! Some of the magazines I buy digitally and only print the patterns I really want to make one day......not sure which one day!

I just heard two pieces of news, one is that the unit is arriving tomorrow (will need assembling but I am quite good at that) and my visitors are arriving during the day tomorrow (panic) so I need to clear a space in here for the boxes with the unit to fit, and to have space to assemble it (will have help now lol). I think once I can fit the boxes in I can really get stuck in to tidying and maybe I can start paper crafting again! I also need to get some stuff done before the visitors arrive, move all things an 11 month old will get into, clean the floor, make beds etc.
Also Sooty has a check up tomorrow, he had a bladder stone removed last week. He seems much happier now, we just need to get back to normal walks - and the furniture is piled up with objects to try and stop him jumping on it, he wasn't allowed to jump up. Nobody can sit down right now without moving something like the laundry basket.
Here's Sooty just after the operation, wearing his pink lampshade and Alfie's jumper because he was shaved quite a lot. He really liked the home cooked chicken and rice, I had to keep it going for a week to get the antibiotics into him, and he looked a bit disappointed when it stopped but it did make his beard very smelly!

Thursday 20 October 2016

Cazzy Hookin' time: Hooking catch up post.

Cazzy Hookin' time: Hooking catch up post.: This is the bag I made on the Mystery Craft Along Veronica Meets Spring at Melody's Makings . You could also make it into a cu...

Thursday 6 October 2016

Cazzy Hookin' time: Such a sad post and so hard to write.

Cazzy Hookin' time: Such a sad post and so hard to write.: This is one of the most difficult posts to write, some of you may have wondered why it has been so long. The reason was that my husband lo...

Tuesday 7 June 2016

Cazzy Hookin' time: T on Tuesday, heatwave maybe?

My T on Tuesday post is here: Cazzy Hookin' time: T on Tuesday, heatwave maybe?: This evening, and here is my mug of hot chocolate - or to be more accurate - hot raw cacao with a little coconut sugar, cinnamon, ground...

Tuesday 31 May 2016

Cazzy Hookin' time: T on Tuesday, by a bad blogger!

My T on Tuesday post is on my crochet blog, click the following link to go there: Cazzy Hookin' time: T on Tuesday, by a bad blogger!: First I want to apologise for not returning your visits and comments last time I joined in, which was two weeks ago, and I missed a week...

Tuesday 17 May 2016

Cazzy Hookin' time: T for Tuesday and for Two CALs

To see the T for Tuesday post on my crochet blog - click on the following link: Cazzy Hookin' time: T for Tuesday and for Two CALs: It's time for T on Tuesday, and as long as you show a beverage you can join in with the lovely people over at Elizabeth and Bleube...

Quirky May Flowers follow furry April Showers.

I'm late, can't seem to get anything done on time at the moment. This lovely image is from Ike's Art and is called Greek Window. You could win a $15 voucher to spend on Ike's Art images if you enter the Quirky Challenge and you have until 28th May to play along.
We are also sponsored by Delicious Doodles and Bloobel Stamps and I will be making another card with Bloobel Stamps soon.
I coloured this digi with Promarkers, die cut it with Spellbinders and heat embossed the stamped sentiment. Mum is recovering from a major back operation so I think she needs a little cheering up.
I added some red polka dot chiffon ribbon to finish the card.

I hope you will hop over to Quirky to see the other gorgeous examples and to play along and maybe win a prize.

Challenges entered:
Ike's World - embossing (Tues)
A Gem of a Challenge - flowers (May 27th)
Crafts Galore - Anything goes (May)