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Monday, 24 March 2008

Happy Easter

I hope you had a lovely Easter. I did but I have been in pain with toothache, or rather jaw ache unfortunately so I have to try and see a dentist again tomorrow! Only saw one a week or so ago for a check up!

The cards went down well. I have made a few other cards but I am using the spare stamped images for the swap so I can't show you yet!

I am watching an old Create and Craft with Dawn Bibby that I recorded, I need to delete some and to my horror I had recorded over 170 programmes or films that I hadn't yet watched!

The technology is wonderful, instead of staying up too late watching the good films and programmes that seem to be on so late I could record them and go to bed! Great idea but then you have to make time to watch them and delete them!

I have had the family round, my son for the weekend, and my parents and MIL today for dinner. Luckily the boys did most of the work, I didn't feel up to it!

So I have added some photos, thought I should take some for scrapping if I ever get into it! There are daffodils in a vase, I bought them in Tesco. Daffs in the garden, and the Easter Egg stash, not all mine, mine is the organic Green and Blacks one, with some small bars on top (I ate the rest) and there was another small box of Green and Black eggs that got missed from the photo.

The Green and Blacks egg boxes are rather nice and I have already cut them up with the intention of adding them to cards!


  1. hope your toothache is better...thats one of the worst pains , isnt it....

    have left something for you on my blog ;O)

  2. Thanks Mel, will take a look.

    Tooth pain is the same but I have an appointment for tomorrow.


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