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Altered dictionary - art journal

In 2013 The Craft Barn set a year long challenge called The Alpha Challenge. The objective was to alter a dictionary, one letter at a time. The letters were given out randomly and often had a twist associated with them.
I still have the cover to alter and there are pages that never got completed, and recently I added a new page to it. I thought I would put it all together here as I love looking back through it, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Some of my efforts were better than others and I think I learnt a lot as I went along.
I have had a couple of tough years since then and haven't managed to join in the subsequent year long challenges - maybe next year 2016 will be better.

My dictionary is a French/English one in A5 size and has two sections, the first is in French with English meaning and the second is English with French translation so I had double the fun.

I stuck pages together either side of the pages I altered for strength. How could I alter a book when I was brought up to treat books with respect and reverence you might ask? Well this was a cheap dictionary and it contained words that would be deemed offensive, I hope it has been revised now to not contain such words. There are hundreds and thousands of books discarded or given to charities every year - they cannot sell them all and many are destined for recycling plants or the tip. So I have saved this book really.

For details about each page click on the name of the page to go to the relevant post.

A is for:

B is for:

 C is for: 

D is for:

Direction (same in both languages).

E is for:

F is for:

I forgot the twist on this one so it wasn't allowed in the challenge, and it was FE - FZ

Fleur (flower) and Football (same in both languages)

G is for:

H is for:

I is for:

J is for:

K is for:

L is for:

M is for:

Machine (same in both languages).

N is for:

O is for:

P is for:

Q is for:

R is for:

S is for:

Scooter (same both languages).

T is for:

Travail (work, labour) and Tricoter (to knit).

U is for:

V is for:

W is for:

Y is for:

X is for:

Z is for:

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