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Thursday, 27 March 2008

Weird world and blog candy!

Slide show Poll.

There are 15 hours to go on the poll (NOW CLOSED, 2 VOTES TO KEEP 2 TO CHANGE) on the photographers effect on the slide show. Now to be fair and due to only one previous vote and apparent lack of interest I removed the photographers a while ago, substituted them for butterflies, got fed up with that, tried a few things and ended up with hearts!

Two people by then had voted for a different effect to photographers. Now with hours to go and no photographers to be seen somebody voted that they like the photographers!

I wonder if I should put them back until it ends!


On the stamp organisation front - I realised I put the stamps in rubber side down, which is wrong for storage, and I know I could have turned the Tuff boxes over but then the labels (and the lid) would be the wrong way up!

So today I renamed all the photos I took of each box, some boxes were labelled already but now have slightly different contents and half of them didn't have labels so I got the Dymo out and made labels. I have just realised there is a place on the handle for a label, I hadn't noticed before so had stuck them on the box next to the handles and they were always falling off or getting knocked off!

Blog Candy.

I have decided to give some blog candy to the crafter who guesses correctly (or closest to the correct number), how many wood mounted stamps do I have in the Tuff boxes.

I don't know the answer yet, I have to count them.

Here are some clues:
1. There are 17 Tuff boxes
2. The tuff boxes are A4 size
3. The stamps are different sizes
4. There are some gaps in a few of the boxes
5. There are some small foam stamps and one acrylic backed stamp which won't count.


The winner must be a crafter that has a craft blog, or is a member of a craft forum who has been posting photos of their work and can provide details that can be verified - link to blog or forum and your forum name!

The prize is likely to be a new stamp or stamps, and/or other bits! I haven't totally decided yet.

If more than one crafter guesses the right or same closest amount there will be a draw unless there are only two - then I might manage two prizes!

I will eliminate anyone who has more than two guesses (or two guesses with a big gap between them), and if there are two guesses close together because the first was wrong you must let me know, I will then only take the second guess regardless of which is correct.

(Please note that as I moderate all comments they won't appear right away, however if it is obvious that someone has posted the exactly the same comment with the same guess more than once I will let you off!.)

The closing date is 20th April.


  1. Wow you have a lot of stamps!!
    My guess is 238 - which is shocking!! :0)
    Doublesided CM&P Forum.
    PS. I love the photographers!

  2. WOW you have a lot of stmps!!
    My guess is that you have 238 stamps - which is shocking!! ;0)

    Doublesided CM&PC forum.
    PS. I love the photographers!

  3. Hi Cazzy,

    I'm Lauz from the practical publishing forum... don't know if that counts!
    Thanks for the comments on my gallery... I need feedback a lot :)

    My guess at the number of stamps you have- 204 :)

    Lauz (Laura)

  4. I'm coming round yours to do some stamping honey - lol - thats tons of stamps.
    I'm gonna guess at ooooh do i email you to keep it private!!! I'll pm you x

  5. well my guess on your stamps is 416 stamps :O)

    I think it was me who has done the first vote on your photographer...lol

    love your doggy by the way...and would have loved to help sorting out these stamps :O)

    do you live in a craft shop by the way ? it looks a bit like it when u have a look at the background of your pics :O)

    have a nice weekend

  6. Wow you've been busy, I wish I were lucky enough to have all of those stamps!!
    What a great idea for blog candy to!! I going to guess at 230 stamps.

  7. I think you've fot 193 stamps in your boxes!


  8. Ooooo what fun!, I guess 68.

  9. Scrap my last guess I just scrolled down the page and wow you have a lot, I guess 300. Bit of a change in estimate hey?

  10. Wow Cazzy how organized are you - well done. :) Love those boxes and blog candy eh :) :) thanks for the chance to win. :) :)

    I reckon you have 231 woood mounted stamps. ;) :)

    Debbie x

  11. What a funny candy challenge!

    Oh my, you have a lot of stamps! I just took a nice number :)

    I think you have 246 stamps!

    ~ Leonie ~

  12. Hmmm... I'm guessing 340 stamps.

    Will soon post on the Junkies forum, just been a bit busy,and also been finding my way around it.

    take care


  13. ohhh dear ?squillions? err no okay then ,now this is now an educated guess it's completely random 383?

  14. You have more stamps than our local craft shop LOL
    Sooooooo ... my guess is 228 wood mounted stamps.

    Good Luck with the counting.

    I know the poll is closed but I prefer the slideshow without the photographers.


  15. ok, i think 289, again completely random number

  16. You can only have one guess, if you have entered one in error and changed your mind as Louly did, you need to let me know! Louly did let me know which one is the one to take!

    If you don't let me know I will just take the last guess!

  17. I suppose 221 stamps would give you lots of ideas! Great contest!


  18. Wow! Not sure if I'm more impressed with the amount of stamps or how organized they are.lol.

    My guess is 273

  19. Hi,

    I think you have 426! However many it is I'm very jealous ;)

  20. Oooh, I know you have far too many and need to send some my way so you can "de-junk" LOL.

    Erm, as for guessing, I guess 196


  21. Hi there

    It's surprising how many stamps you can get in those things. I'm gonna guess 253.

    Here's my blog link http://gorillamamagreats.blogspot.com/

    I hope you get your to do list conquered soon


  22. I'll guess 309 - don't know why!

    xxxx Caz

    Foxcraft on DoCrafts Craft Talk



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