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Sunday, 2 March 2008

Bit of bother

I am having a bit of bother with the slide show, first when I added some extra photos the size changed to something smaller than I set. Then I ended up with two small slide shows, then I got the size back but can't seem to put the slide show back where it was!

Fantastic! I don't know if this will be better tomorrow, or if I am stuck with this as now the size is as I wanted but half of the frame is hidden behind the side elements!

I know it is very annoying though! I tried to save the size back to the small size but now it wants to stay big and half hidden!

Any suggestions welcome!

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  1. Hi Cazzy,
    Yes, an existing card will be fine for the blog candy challenge, just link to it in my blog. I did exactly the same as you with the slideshow thing, in the end I deleted it, technology and me don't mix! x


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