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Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Mother's day and dinosaur

Two photos, one is my Mother's day vase of flowers with Piglet toy. The other is the Good Boy dinosaur toy which I repaired, it now has three legs, no tail and no eyes! Within minutes of getting it back Alfie had ripped a hole in another leg and was pulling out the stuffing!

I tried to get another one to replace it, it has lasted for weeks, but they were out of stock. I went back as they told me the toys would be in Monday, but by Tuesday they still hadn't arrived. We went to Pets at Home, Sootie loves seeing the rabbits! Tried to find a dinosaur but there were none, but we found some talking undersea creatures, and they were buy one get one free!

So we bought two, Alfie carried one to the car but buy the time we got home 5 minutes later he had ripped a hole in the turtle's "shell" and pulled out the sound box and the stuffing! The other one is still in one piece so far!

I am going to attempt to make a tough toy with the sound box in now! We did see some very tough toys, they said they were "battle tested" but they didn't make the noise that attracts Alfie to them, he doesn't like no noise, or squeekers but music, talking, roaring - he has to have it and kill it!

I had a parcel of ---- you guessed it --- stamps! I also got scissors and chalk marker pens! According to the label on the package I should have paid over £12, £4 of which was VAT and £8 was a handling fee, but the postie just left it in the box!

I might get some stamping done this weekend - I hope so!

I have some help from two places on the slide show so I hope to fix that soon too!

I am putting a card photo in so I can link it to a blog challenge, it is on my slide show already.

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  1. These are just gorgeous, both the pink and the red ones. Thanks for joining in with the challenge, good luck in the draw x


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