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Sunday, 9 March 2008

Robo adventures continued

I wanted to make a 50th card from a Robo template on the Cutters CD, but the CD was faulty, however the people administrating sales of the CD have emailed me the files I wanted and will replace the CD in due course.

So I got cutting, cut out a card template in pale blue pearlescent card, that was fine after two attempts as I needed to add dashed lines at the fold, I couldn't fold it correctly without something!

Then I tried the big 50 to decoupage on the front in silver metallic card which I measured with the digital callipers and it should have been fine but Robo wouldn't cut it even when I set it to cut three times. I must check if the blade needs cleaning thinking about it!

So now I have the card template, and I cut through the uncut silver so I have the 50 and a name, I just need to embellish it.

First I searched every container I have for a computer charm, I found it in the first one I looked in on the third time of looking - why did I put computer charms in with large feather charms?

So I just need to get going and assemble it, and decide on the final embellishments, I am thinking ribbon and buttons, or maybe brads!


  1. Hi cazzy, saw ur comment =)

    It will help if you use a cutting mat and draw starting from the corner of the cardstock, so that you just need to cut 2 sides instead of all 4 sides. hope you know what I mean ^^ Will be glad to seeur swivel card..let me know yea?

    Nice blog by the way. Love ur cards! Fabulous.

    I will be linking you up in my blog. Hope you dun mind. =)

    Oh..and just tag at my tagboard yea? Cos I dun have the habit of checking my comments ^^

    Cheers! And nice knowing you

  2. forgot to mention..

    for cutting straight lines, have you tried using a heavy metal ruler to help you cut lines?

    I used that ^^ Cos some ruler, which are light (e.g plastic) they tend to bend slightly when you cut across. And be sure to hole the ruler firmly.

    Try using penknife instead of craft knife too. ^^

    Hope it helps.!

  3. Thanks Esther, I do have a big heavy metal ruler but it doesn't usually help!

    I have a new sort of craft knife that is better but I still managed to go off course from the ruler one day!

    I tried to print your instructions but they won't all print, goes off the end of the page!

  4. Well, how about hightlight the instruction and then copy and paste into microsoft word instead of printing straight from there?

    That's wad I usually do. ^^

    Haha. I just pressed hard onto the ruler and when cut thru, i make sure my hand that is holding the knife will be firmly by the side, sort of like pressing against the ruler.

    Cant wait to see ur card=)


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