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Tuesday, 25 March 2008

To Do List

1. Re sort wood backed stamps into themed tuff boxes
2. Sort out remaining magazine mountain and recycle, donate, tear out interesting articles
3.Make some cards
4. Tidy work space so I can make some cards
5. Mend son's torn jeans
6. Scrapbook layout for Sunday all day scrap competition? Need inspiration!
7. Sort out photos on PC into albums or folders so I can find them!
8. Make birthday cards for April and May
9. Make Chicken Curry
10. Sort out washing
11. Sort out half finished curtains and other sewing projects
12. Sort out clothes I don't wear and put in charity bags or recycle
13. Sort out craft stuff I don't want and put on Ebay or blog candy?
14. Tag 6 people (again)
15. Watch all programmes I recorded and delete them
16. Do some geneology
17. Read geneology mags I got on subs for Christmas - have 3 to read now!
18. Enter craft competitions in magazines (before it is too late).
19. Put receipts on spreadsheet and shred them, think I have around 2 years worth to catch up!
20. Try encuastic art kit
21. Try Imagepac stamp making kit
22. Use Melt Pot properly
23. Try and remember what else needs doing!

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