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Thursday, 22 August 2013

WOYWW #220

As I type it is only just still Wednesday, so I am going for last place!
I'm in the middle of a HUGE tidy up and move round, why - I have lots of visitors coming! My eldest son will be working in here Friday so I pretty much won't be able to get in here to do a lot. Then we have little Kenny because he and his Mum are coming too, and they are staying until Monday. They will be out a couple of times, but we will get to see lots of Kenny. Then when they leave Bethany (my 13 year old Niece) is coming to stay for the rest of the week. She is around already at my parents, and will be here Friday for the day. Anyway last time she stayed I set up her own workspace and box of stash. I am doing that again! You don't normally see this side of the desk, this is her space. 

This is one of your normal views, there is still a pile of stuff to sort out, and my space and the other cutting mat are at the far end with the dictionary on it and some other stuff, including Lyn's cheesey wheel. I have moved the Stuff Bucket and crates of sticky stuff and inks down that end too. This end there are cards to put away, some need inserts doing, and there are all sorts of things to put away, dies, punches (was debating if I should keep them), ink pads, and stamped images. This is after I have worked on it pretty much all evening, and some of the afternoon too. In fact I started on the office space yesterday, sorting, recording, shredding or retaining as appropriate. It is the tip of the iceberg, and could take me weeks, but it is a start. I have a bag full of shredding to go.

If you can't see it on the desk it is either on the floor or over here! I put the magazine holder with the dies here, I haven't decorated it yet. I also put a basket with overflow embossing folders, and embossing folders that go with stamps. I have a heap of TH Sizzix dies that don't have a box, they are all full. I either need to sell some or get another box, or find somewhere for them, and there is no room for another box, they stack and I would have to start another stack, maybe I should sell  some of the older ones.
I could be very late visiting, I haven't gone round the T for Tuesday people yet, given all I have to do and the imminent arrival of visitors! I apologise, I will get there in the end.


  1. Hey Cazzy

    Love the 'lived in' look of your studio. Have fun with your visitors. Creative Blessings! Kelly #131

  2. Hi Cazzy! Well better late than never right? I missed last week all together so I have been trying to catch up this week. I don't know how you are doing all this with everyone coming in on top of it all!!!! I want some of what keeps you going since I guess my coffee is not enough. Enjoy your family and see you next week! Oh and BREATH and RELAX! Rasz #123

  3. Sounds like you are going to be practicing your hosting skills. I hope you all have fun. April #106

  4. It sounds like you are going to be having a really busy time with family visiting how lovely is that I hope you all have some great times.
    The craft room will still be there once they all go home so I wouldn't worry too much about tidying up
    Enjoy WOYWW and have a really great week
    Hugs Ria #85

  5. You look busy, busy! I don't think I will ever have enough time to go around to everybody on T-Tues and WOYWW (#120)--OMG! I am lucky to be able to post for them--LOL! Have fun with all your company!! :)

  6. That's one massive clean up you have ahead of you. By now, I bet it's nearly finished, and you will be welcoming your family in style on Friday. Have a great time with them. Happy slightly belated WOYWW from #10. And no, you aren't last (grin).

  7. I dunno where in Wiltshire you are Caz, but the craft shop in Amesbury is having a flea market in september if you're serious about selling some stuff...always well attended that's for sure! love that you make a special space for your niece, but the knock on effect is pretty hard work huh. I don't want to contemplate office sortings out thank you. Nightmare!

  8. Another busy bee, you were not last either (and its now Saturday and I am still visitng desks) lots going on in your space.
    Wish I was near Wiltshire then, or even Amesbury? as Julia (above) has just said, a craft shop flea market sounds heaven to me, I only have 'the range' near me for crafts thats it, can but dream of a 'real' craft shop.

    Lynda #94

  9. wow, I would say you are a busy lady...luv the "used" look of your space, you go girl!

    enjoy *~*

  10. Sounds like your having a wonderful time ......... had a wonderful time! Hope it's not all over yet and you are still enjoying the visitors.

    Bishopsmate #72


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