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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Time for T on Tuesday.

First of all I must apologise to T on Tuesday visitors last week, I have been so busy with family here since Thursday, and so exhausted that I still haven't got round you all and the WOYWW people too. I will try and get round you all but I can't promise how soon that will be!

This is National Trust Tea, we took Bethany to Dyrham Park today. Shaun and Beth walked down the hill to the house, I caught the little shuttle bus! My knees aren't up to walking that far downhill.

There was a real wasp problem, there were traps all over but still loads of them buzzing round the tables and food. I don't thin they like peppermint Tea but I had a tast of Beth's juice in my cup before.

Beth and Shaun while we wait for food. Shaun was glad he chose jacket potato not cream tea with all the wasps, but they were after the chutney!
They did my jacket potato with plain prawns, I didn't want the dressing, yum!

We ate then went round the house, and then walked round the garden.
Beth and Shaun are sat by the lake, they are the furthest away, I went for a wander to get butterfly and swan photos.

Meet Humphrey!

Finally I was so lucky to snap these Long Tailed Tits on my feeder, shame they are a little out of focus.

If you want to join in hop on over to Elizabeth and Bleubeards's place.


  1. Holy cow, that IS a wasp problem. I was bitten by one once, and now I'm really afraid of them. My arm swelled up like you wouldn't believe, and I spent days with cold chills and sweats.

    I hope you had fun. Humphrey is one fine bird! Such a beauty. And that water is so clear. That was a beautiful place to share with family.

    I've never heard of a Long Tailed Tit before, much less seen one. But your feeders are wonderful and all have such different food in them.

    Thanks for sharing your T tale this Tuesday. I so appreciate it.

  2. Those wasps can be a real problem this time of year.
    Happy Tuesday!

  3. Looks like a lovely day out, wasps notwithstanding. Happy T day!

  4. I am scared of wasps and bees (having been stung a couple of times) and would have had to go inside or leave--no lie! You are braver than I am. Happy T-Tuesday! :)

  5. Oh dear.. sorry, wouldn't have been able to sit and eat where there were wasps buzzing about... can't stand them! I know youa re supposed to sit quiet and not agitate them but I can't sit still if one is about! Great photos of the tits... shame they don't eat wasps...

  6. Hi Cazzy - apart from the wasps looks like a nice time was had - thanks for stopping by - Happy T for Tuesday...Mxx


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