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Saturday, 17 August 2013

The Craft Barn Alpha Challenge - D for Design and Desk

The Craft Barn Alpha Challenge continues, this time it is D.
 I hoped to have three pages completed by now, I think this might be the only one! I chose D for Design, and used some Tim Holtz design stamps, along with some of the finished articles, stamped ticket and die cut mustache and pointing hand. I also chose Desk, had to do it in honour of WOYWW, this is a photo that appeared one Wednesday.

I was very lucky to win the challenge last time and I got a £20 voucher, which I blogged about below.

Change of subject:

This is a dragon fruit, and they are in the shops now. 

I just sliced the top off and ate the delicately sweet flesh with a teaspoon straight from the fruit. Very refreshing and nutritious, and so pretty!


  1. Fabulous design page, love the stamps and picture of the desk with the wonderful caption.

    Sylv xx

  2. Cool page, glad you managed to add desk to your design page. - cool BJ

  3. Great "Design" pages nearly went with this word too


  4. Your pages look fabulous and I would dearly love to find some of that fruit!

  5. Hi Cazzy, stunning page in your dictionary! Love all those TH stamps you used! And congrats on winning! Well done! Hugs Frea


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