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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

WOYWW #218

I can't believe it is Wednesday already, and I detected the smell and feel of Autumn not only last night but this morning and it is still like it. I am cold! What happened to the heatwave that was supposed to stay until September? Not that I wanted it that hot for that long, and the garden would have been totally frazzled by then.

Anyway it is that day again, that day that those who want to share their crafty spaces messes with the world. This was all started by Julia Dunnit of The Stamping Ground, and you can join in too!

 First the birds, I have been trying to sneak up on the little flock of sparrows and other little birds that all descend on my feeder when I am looking out of the kitchen window, and the conservatory window which is beyond the kitchen. So I have tried to grab a photo, I set up the camera with long lens, on the right settings and kept it in the kitchen - then when the little birds arrived I snuck out and - every time they saw me! This was the most I could capture in one shot, and I know it is a bit out of focus! I have one with a sparrow flying in too but only two birds.
 The only bird that doesn't fly away is the lovey collared dovey!

 So here is the desk, from this end, baby book that I made ages ago and I am finally making a box for it, having decided that I can't make an envelope big enough. Then the black on red images are done with an oriental stamp that I bought years ago after falling in love with it when it was used in a magazine tutorial. I think they did their's black embossed on black and cut out some of the background, which was gorgeous and I will try. This is the first time the stamp has seen ink, I was putting some other stamps away, it was in the same box and I decided I would use it, yes I would, and I did! Also next to that are some panels ready to make into cards, some Hero Arts newsprint balloons, and a Dustin Pike image and Spyder Lyn Image to make Christmas cards. Then those die cut frames, I haven't decided what to make with them yet. Then some embossed card, I am so cross, I can't use my A4 Crafts Too embossing folder in the eBosser and don't have another machine big enough, I did sucessfully use my first ever Spellbinders M Bosser, and was very happy with it so have bought a few more - guess what - the second folder won't go through, the eBosser spits it out again - grrrrr! The only consolation is that they will fit the Big Shot so I guess I will be getting that out even more. General mess in the background and Really Useful box full of images coloured or waiting to be coloured, and some die cuts and images ready to use.
From the other end, you can see more of the Christmas images, and that chameleon which I need to finish the zoo book with. Some stamps I am using or going to use, and some that need putting away if I can find the box they came from, and some new ones that need a space to go. There is a blank stepper card that I  creased in the wrong place that I am thinking I can cover the side panels with card panels first of all to fix the problem and not waste the card blank.

I wonder if it is better to be last over at WOYWW, first is great but will never happen, middle - hmmm, don't get that many comments! I noticed that I get over 100 views and maybe 12 comments. So please see the note below if you can't comment.

Just a note to say if you want to comment on this post you need to go to "home" and scroll down to the post and then press "comment", I have reported this issue yet again to blogger.


  1. Hi Cazzy! What a lovely busy desk. It's annoying when things don't work as you'd hoped, though. I have only two embossing folders, a Tim Holtz pair and they are fine, but I haven't used them for ages! I have some Spellbinder dies that look lovely, but so fiddly; it's impossible to tease out the bits of the window one I have without it tearing! Julie Ann xx #41

  2. Hi, you made me smile ref photographing birds. I too have struggled with them disappearing as fast as I can get my camera ready!
    Your desk looks so full of Exciting projects, love it x
    Have a Beautiful week Heather #103

  3. Hi Cazzy, cor blimey that IS a busy desk! Wanted to say thanks for your hard work on Angel Policies, came across your info when doing some insomnia surfing last night. Very helpful and much appreciated THANK YOU. MMx #65

  4. Found it! lol! Love your bird pictures, its a shame we don't see so many sparrows anymore. Love all your crafty stuff- Its so annoying when things don't work properly, I agree. Have a great week, Hugs,Shaz #106( ignore the #48, wrong post)xx

  5. Sorry, I'm #118, not 106! I'm not having much luck with Linky this week, lol.

  6. This all looks great TFS! Thanks for the lovely comments hope you get your clay out again. Enjoy xx Jan

  7. Birds look good, I do the same and the pigeons are the only ones who stay...and the friendly blackbird, I nearly tread on her sometimes! (she's nested in our garage a few times or very near by for a quite a few years now) has even taken bread from my hand.
    If I could I'd like to get the cat when it catches a mouse, because as soon as he comes in and leaves the mouse or mice on the lawn a load of crows, rocks and magpies swoop in and crab it! Its as though they are watching and waiting for him to come in
    If I got comments for peeks on my freebie post I'd be very happy! I think back in the old days of blogging I used to get anything from 1000 to 3000 peeks ...and about 60 comments,but now its very rare to get much more than 100-300 and about 10 comments. lyn #38

  8. Hello #100! I see you are busy multitasking! Love your busy busy desk! Happy WOYWW! Sue Kment

  9. Finally… I can come and visit you …the photos of your guest birsd are precious, me too love birds and me too have these lovely doves...
    Thanks for sharing
    Keep in touch

  10. Wow wow I love your desk, lots and lots to look at lol. The oriental stamp is gorgeous, and loving the Xmas images, and the tickets good for a hug is awesome. Happy woyww :-) Kezzy xxx

  11. We are suffering (really) from pigeons this year...lazy, not scared and greedy. So it's nice to see other birds at your feeders! Your desk is amazing, it speaks of the way you work (and me)..start something, make a wrong fold, set it aside to ponder, start something else, set them aside to dry or await cutting, find something else meantime...just love it. Lots of Christmas planning at your place...impressive if not scarey!

  12. Ah, thanks for the tip on leaving a comment. I know I've stopped by in previous weeks and couldn't figure out where the comment button is. :-( Hopefully now you'll get more comments. I also tend to get more views than comments...I guess some don't want to comment on everyone's or whatever. Ah well..nice bird feeder. Mine is out front, away from the dogs. So I stand in my closet looking out the window (yup, I have TWO windows in my closet that face the front of house)..lots of different birds. Love it. Love your desk with so many different projects! Brigita #108

  13. ohoo I've come here via WOYWW again, and the comments work ok, but you're right some of the 'things' over-lap a little. I 'blew' your photo up so I could see which image you were working on! Five Happy Snowmen! (or four happy snowmen and one who's lost his head!

  14. My first time peeking at your desk. It looks like you are having some crafting fun! Following you thru Bloglovin:-)

  15. Happy Belated WOYWW. Fab bird piccies. Lovely busy desk and thank you for taking the time to explain it all to us - I love that sort of detail. Ali x #60

  16. It worked this week, straight in to the comment page. I too have failed miserably to get decent bird shots in my garden. I think I am going to move all the feeders closer to the house. We have very few sparrows in our area, but I have just put up two sparrow terrace boxes in the hope that they might encourage them to return. Thank you for your visit this week. xx Maggie #10

  17. Looks like you're very busy :) I love busy desks - they do tell stories...
    Cheers & Thanks for stopping by last week!
    Jana #79

  18. I'm only two weeks late but trying to play catch up with those who commented on my blog.
    Cor! That is one busy area!
    Love the bird photos, the collared doves and the pigeons eat all the bits that the others throw out when they are feeding. Good fun watching them but no photos I am afraid.
    Hugs, Neet xx


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