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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

A walk in the fields.

This took place last week.
First we met Beth who was lovely.

The boys going to met Beth.

Alfie lost interest, probably because she wasn't scared of him, but Sooty was besotted, so much so that I had to go and retrieve him from going home with Beth!

Alfie shouts first just in case, then if the dog is scared he will chase it, if not he settles down.

These were friendly dogs too.

This one apparenly loves having his photo taken.....

 .....so does their master methinks! What a poser, but very well behaved dogs sitting waiting for the tractor to pass.
I think this was Penny, she has a pink collar and was very friendly again, they all come to me for a cuddle.

I don't know the name of her companion. Penny was besotted with Sooty this time and was coming home with us! I don't know, go out with two dogs and come home with four! (We didn't).

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  1. My latest 'walker' has all the dogs falling in love with her but the two old mad dogs Rufus and George are okay if we go out in the forest but if anyone sees them coming, where they live, they turn round and go the other way! No one will stop and talk...honest, they turn-tail and run....that's the owners, not the dogs. I think they would love to say hello....just before they get eaten!


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