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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

T for Tuesday

I spotted this on Lyn's blog, and I wasn't going to do it, but here I am, couldn't resist.
 T for Tuesday is being hosted by Elizabeth and Bluebeard, and if it gets as big as WOYWW I'm not sure I will cope.
T is for table, this table has just arrived, courtesy of my son who has bought a new patio set and offered it. Our old table went off to the tip long ago so we said yes. It is in need of some TLC. My tea is a peppermint infusion, I don't drink normal tea - well not if I can help it. The peppermint is fresh picked from my garden, I have a mix of chocolate mint, cologne mint and I think the other one is just plain mint but it smells like spearmint to me, didn't think I had spearmint! The mug is my absolute favourite, dogs by Anysley china. Years ago I had a present that I didn't like and I took it back to exchange it. The only thing in the shop that caught my eye was this range of china, which was in the sale. I think I bought a couple of mugs, they were pretty expensive, maybe it was three, I can't remember. I do remember that some months later one got broken, or maybe two. I was totally gutted and found the shop no longer stocked them, and an internet search revealed that the range was discontinued. However I managed to source some more and bought three. So now I have four, one is still in the box. They hold about a pint, that is half a litre of tea!
My philopsophy is that one or more will be in the dishwasher or waiting to go in the dishwasher so I nearly always have one available to use.
I'm not sure I can keep this up, how many Ts can I show you I wonder?


  1. Yes, I went "home" to comment. Glad you told me. I had forgotten. And I am also thrilled you joined in for T today. After all, t does stand for table, and this is a very lovely one. I sure want a new table, and it looks like yours will be around a long time, even if it is "second hand."

    I had to laugh Cazzy to think it would get even 1/30th as big as WOYWW. Julia has been doing this a long time, and I'm tickled you would even THINK to compare my little tea posts to her deskers.

    I used to have chocolate mint and spearmint, but I think that horrible vinca vine has chocked them out. Hard to do, too, since mint is so prolific. I love the pot you use to make yours. It looks like a proper pot.

    Your philosophy about the mugs put a smile on my face. What a great way to justify those mugs.

    Thanks again for joining this week. I loved having you.

  2. Your new table is lovely. As well as the mug. I can see why you are hording the last one. :)
    Happy Tuesday!!

  3. Love the mug, and you lucky thing, that is a lovely table, the perfect size for a family meal in the garden! I used to grow a few different mints but the wild sort always strangle everything and then spread like mad.

  4. Love the new table. I tell my children I will take all hand me downs cause most of their hand me downs are better then what I would go out and buy for myself! Love the tea press also. I need to get one of those. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Glad you told us about how to comment, wouldn't be able to figure that out. What a pain computers can be at times.

    WOW, LOVE that beautiful table. How fun to sit outside and enjoy a nice meal at it. Cute little mug you have also. I love keeping furniture in the family too.
    Happy Tuesday!

  6. what a lovely setting for your morning tea...looks so relaxing. I love mint to...but it does tend to take over the garden! happy Tuesday!

  7. I love your new table too! And Now I'm thinking I can show my 'other' garden table next week... one of those old white cast-iron ones, with matching chairs, which mum was going to throw out, as she no longer needed it. Oh yes please I said and have (abd still am) in the middle of repainting it using black hammerite paint... it looks better than it sounds...don't have a before or after pic though... perhaps mum has.
    Mint tea, hmmm, yes and tried it, love the smell, but I can't get the taste to match! Love the mug, I too have mugs in use, in the washer in the cupboard and in my craft room... everyone needs loads of cups!! Nice to see you here!!


  8. Just a flying visit for T for Tuesday - late but happy to see everyone this week... Cheers Mxx #23

  9. Stopping by to say happy T Tuesday!
    We used to have some mint growing wild near out back door, but apparently it died out & haven't seen it for years. I did like the smell, but never in tea, LOL!


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