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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

I'm late for T on Tuesday!

 It's Tuesday so it is time for T at Elizabeth and Bleubeard's place!
Great Tits on my bird feeding station, I am so lucky to get these.

 This is my bird mug, I use it for hot chocolate when the ewe mug is not available, and this is my favourite glass Teapot, I bought both of them in Covent Garden in the Bodum shop. I just looked online and you can still buy this exact one, and a similar one to the one I showed you before. They are good (but not cheap) because they have a strainer in the centre so you can put fresh herb leaves or dried loose tea in and it keeps the bits in the middle. This one has a stainless steel centre, the bigger one has a plastic centre but they could have changed the design. I wonder if I bought them in a sale, I can't imagine paying what they cost now.
 This is the dog grooming Table, I decided it was time to trim the hairy beasts!
 This was the aftermath, all that grey is hair! I tried to eat my dinner on the Table outside, and I found a hair, then another and when I got to hair 3 I realised it was the dog hair blowing about so I had to go inside to finish eating!
Monster Tomato's little brother.

Underneath looks awful, it is deformed and looks like someone stitched a few Tomatoes together. More are starting to Turn red, and loads of them are splitting. I will have to look up what causes splitting. This one weights just 7oz.
Alfie posing after his Trim.

 This is my dining room, and my mini photo studio which folds down flat. This is where I take photos of my cards. Shaun gets mad becuase I leave it up until I have to take it down! He wants to keep the table laid all the time so he can eat there, I hate that, I want it laid when it is going to be used only! The ironing board is also up, I have a heap of ironing to do, it seems to be never ending, you just do a pile and more is ready to do. I need to do it tomorrow and put the board away ready for our visitors at the weekend and next week. Chris, Vanessa and Kenny are coming to stay, and when they go my Niece Bethany is coming for the est of next week.
You see the desk behind, covered in stuff, well that was where I used to have my computer, and craft and I studied at the round table for my accountancy exams for many years, this was before we built the extension and I got my own study/craft room.

Alfie and Sooty playing bookends, featuring fluffy goose toy in the middle. I realised I missed one of Sooty's ears so he has one nice trimmed one and a fluffy one in this photo.
I was going to post up about the walk we had last week where we met lots of dogs, I will do it later.


  1. Happy T-Day Cazzy!
    Glad to see that I am not the only one that still uses an iron!

  2. Happy T today, Cazzy. I adore that tea pot. Great design, and a built-in infuser all in one. And of course, I love birds, so that mug is adorable.

    I nearly flipped out over that photo booth. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. Even though I don't make cards, I can see so many practical uses for it. Awesome.

    Thanks for joining T today. I'm glad you stopped by, even if you were a tad later than usual.

  3. How cute your dogs are, love the last picture. Those tomatoes are so funny, you never know how they will turn out. Sounds like a busy day for you, ironing is like laundry, it never stops. Enjoy the day!

  4. I forgot to mention your pretty mug and teapot too. Love them. Great pictures of the birds too, what fun my hubby would have sitting and watching them play.

  5. You picked the perfect mug to go along with the birds visiting your feeders! Your tomatoes are making my mouth water! Happy T Day!

  6. Hope you had a Happy T Day
    your teapot and bird mug are each extra special...

    cute puppy dogs too!

  7. Happy T-day! Love the glass teapots and your mug is pretty, too.
    I would think the birds would love all that dog hair if they are still nesting. But no good in your food--LOL! They look happy and spiffy. :)

  8. The birds are lovely! So fun to watch them feeding. The glass teapot is very unique. I really like it!
    Happy Tuesday!!

  9. More home gorwn tomatoes! Wonder what is causing the splitting? Too much water? Very pretty mug and I have that teapot from Bodum too... only it is in my house in Scotland! LOL
    Great photo of the tits and how smart your dogs look now!

  10. Lovely bird photos, and what a cute mug! You have an adorable schnauzer...I am impressed that you do the grooming yourself! happy tuesday!


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