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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Time for T on Tuesday

It's time for T for Tuesday again! You can find out all about it on Elizabeth and Bluebeard's blog.

I won the challenge, and a £20 voucher and I have put it towards a Gelli Plate.
With my T for Tailleur page!

 This was the view Monday night where we walk the dogs, see the white horse on the hill?
I thought you might like to see my favourite mug properly, this side says "Best Friends", and it is next to my next favourite mug which I bought in Trago Mills when on holiday in Devon one year, it shows sheep in the rain.
This is the other side (of both mugs), now the big one says "pull together".

Detail on the sheep mug, two little frogs, I love them!

Inside the sheep mug, this is the mug I like my hot chocolate in, made with raw cacao.

T for trio, each reel seems to have a trio of ribbons entwined! I found this ribbon in Lidl's, two for £3, and they have little wooden hearts and beads on. I was on the way back from having a filling at the dentist, and I popped in for milk for MIL. I also then visited the craft shop inside the motorbike shop, which can be an interesting experience, and bought some black embossing powder.

T for Tomato, this was the first tomato to grow in the greenhouse, and is the first to go red.

I picked it today, it is a monster, and weighs 258g

 Which is 9oz!

The only photo I got today on our walk, the moon!

Yesterday I managed to TIP a bag of walnuts onto the floor, which needs washing so not good! Then I found I left out a bag of mussels and they had THAWED!


  1. What a fun post you have created and all about the T. Your T page is terrific. I love the measuring tape you used to frame the page. Simply awesome.

    And that is a great tomato harvest, too. Worth its weight in time and energy spent growing it.

    I swear that horse on the hill looks like a stone horse. I even enlarged the picture to see it better.

    Those mugs are adorable and the photo of the frogs is incredible. I wish MY camera took close-ups that crisp.

    Gotta love that ribbon. So pretty. The heart and beads are an added touch, too.

    I'm so glad you joined in for T today/tonight. It was fun seeing more of your life than just your desk. And that moon is beautiful, too.

  2. Thanks for visiting me for T on Tuesday! Your art journal spread is great. I love the tiny scissors and the threaded spools--great details!

  3. Yeah!!! At last I can leave a comment lol.
    Its a beautiful card Cazzy, no wonder you won!! The work that must
    go into it must be hours...
    Congratulations hun
    Marg xx

  4. oh dear , you're not having a good time are you with spilling walnuts etc. but lovely T stuff today, that tomato is humongous
    Bridget #4

  5. Love your Mugs, Cazzy! Everyone is showing of their Tomato harvest. Mine are still green!!! And I love love love your Tailleur Journal Page

  6. Well that view is a treat.
    Cute little froggies on the mug.
    Have a wonderful Tuesday

  7. Love your double journal page, anything to do with sewing is always a good choice in my book and your ewe mug is brilliant!

  8. Hello and Happy Tuesday, what a fun post this is. Those little mugs are so sweet, I know someone who would loooove the sheep one.
    WOW, look at that tomato, we just got ours this week too.
    Beautiful picture of the moon, mine never come out this good.
    Have a great week.

  9. I love the little frogs as well! I had a friend that called me frog many years ago. Fun memory you stirred.
    Your tomatoes are amazing!! So many of them! I've been harvesting a lot of small yellow pear shaped ones but only 3 of the larger variety yet.
    Happy Tuesday!

  10. Congratulations on the win! You will love that gelli plate ~ I adore mine and have to restrain myself from covering every page with gelli prints, hahaha
    Your tomatoes are crazy cool!
    I love me some frogs, now so that little detail would have sold it for me.
    Happy T day to you!

  11. Wow, that is a tomato whopper! I love those adorable mugs--especially the sheep in the rain. Congrats your win...your sewing spread is awesome!

  12. i love those mugs! i'm impressed you could get such a good shot of that frog detail. i can't take pictures that close.

    happy t tuesday!

  13. Terrific T post with so much to enjoy...
    everything tastes better in a favorite mug...
    Congrats on winning a gelli plate...once you've played with it there is no turning back LOL
    I like using it on cotton fabric very much too...
    Happy T Day to you

  14. Congrats on the win!! Loved all you pictures this week. Cute mugs and a beautiful shot of the moon.

  15. Well done on the win! Love the pile of hay bales, takes me back years to when we used to make camps out of them! great fun, even when they got taken away and put in the barn we'd be in there, pulling bits out and making tunnels of hay, you'd never know it had all these secret tunnels! Love the cup! haven't seen the White horse in ages... Happy T

  16. Congrats on winning the challenge. You will have to show us what you make with your gelli plate!
    Great cups and huge tomato! Happy T Tuesday!! :)

  17. Hi Cazzy - love that "ewe" cup - so cute... congrats on your win - Happy T for Tuesday - Mxx #20


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