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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

WOYWW #224

It is Wednesday so time to nosy round a few people's desks and stuff, and you can do this by going to The Stamping Ground.
Here is the desk, things in progress, things that need putting away after maybe trying them like stamps, baby wipes for cleaning stamps and babies, and dogs (don't ask). There is a pile of mags in the corner I need to sort out, put in binders, read or give away, In the middle is the bicycle stepper card, I see that people decorate the inside, so I wanted to find the papers I used to do that, makes it neater. Yesterday I came across the offcuts so made a start, now I hope I can find some more of the same to finish off, but it looks better already. I did sort of tidy up!
I also have a little ballerina digi coloured and die cut ready to go onto a card, and I feel I will get to the Christmas cards, well the toppers I showed you weeks ago that are ready, very soon, maybe even tonight.

This is next door's roof, and that little Blue Tit is eyeing that hole up for next year's nest I think!

Yes, this will do!

Action shot, there are not enough perches for all of the sparrows, and it gets busier when other birds arrive at the same time!

The sparrow on the bottom perch at the back had a lot of problems balancing!

Sooty Bin Raider struck again, I threw away half a pack of rice cakes that had gone a soft, Sooty retrieved them and made a mess in here!

Are these parent and baby Blue Tits or a pair? I am not sure, one looks very young here.


  1. You really have a lot of crafting goodies on your desk. happy crafting #1

  2. Sometimes it is hard to stay focused on the desk when there are so many beautiful birds to watch.

  3. Hi Cazzy
    you have a very busy desk there with lots of lovely crafting stash out for me to have a poke around.
    Loving your bird pictures
    Have a great day today and a wonderful weekend
    Ria #61

  4. Your desk looks busy and creative! I love those birdie pics! I should think the last two are parent and young - what a great photo you got of them! Thanks for the earlier visit and kind words. Happy what's left of WOYWW! Julie Ann xx #45

  5. BUSY desk, Cazzy, and your bird pics are wonderful. We haven't been feeding during the summer, but the birds are hilarious in the birdbath--you wouldn't think such a tiny thing could make such a splash!

    I did not get your e-mail about Costa Rica! Thank you for asking--here's the e-mail address:
    trisha2too at hotmail dot com

    THANK YOU, Cazzy!!!

    #35 this week

  6. Great desk this week!!
    thanks for your visit earlier, nothing can be as bad (busy) as these last 7 days!!!
    Spent today visiting Newark area so I am late night visiting now.
    Have a good week.
    Bishopsmate #75

  7. We're with Sooty, waste not want not, :) Your desk looks very busy and productive by the way.

  8. I have two feline bin raiders at my house......I bet Sooty look of innocence melts your heart every time. Your desk definitely looks busy and well used. Loving seeing all your bird pics too, so different to those we see here in Australia. Have a great week! Danie #38

  9. Super busy desk! Love it...and love all the feeders and birdies. Brigita #97

  10. I too would be distracted by a garden full of nature - Luckily I can only see the driveway out my window :)

    Happy (now my internet is back) WOYWW!
    Mary Anne (5)

  11. Love your bird feeder shots. I love to watch the birds feed, unfortunately the chipmunks and squirrels get there before the birds can sometimes. It's an ongoing battle
    Famfa 15

  12. Your desk has all kinds of goodies on it, but I'm loving your wildlife photos. And the 'caught in the act' photo is too funny. April #115

  13. Wow! What a busy desk you have! :)

    The birds are going wild getting ready for the cold weather here. I would guess that might be an overgrown baby. Looks pretty fluffy still. so funny to see parents feeding babies that look bigger than they do.


  14. Love the pictures of the birds. After my dad passed in December, I had a bird that would come and sit on the window sill, no matter which level I was on in my home. Do you think it was looking out for me? Not around for a while now. Kim #43


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