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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Time for T on Tuesday

It's time for T on Tuesday at Elizabeth and Bleubeard's place, so mosey on over with your beverage in hand and see what is happening this week!
After I saw the strawberry gin last week I did this, strawberries cut up in a glass with Appletiser, which is made just from apples, nothing else except it is carbonated. I should have crushed the strawberries a little, this was the last of the Appletiser left from a BBQ. Anyway the strawberries were nice afterwards.

As we meander through my mug collection here is one of two mugs I bought for work, I had a whole collection of mugs and cups at work too! These tended to be used for soup, and this one is filled with - Mutant Tomato Soup! I made it up as I went along, but it was 3 (or was it 4) onions chopped, lots of garlic cloves chopped, ginger chopped, and all of that sauteed before adding the whole mutant tomatoes, well chopped a bit but with skins and seeds, a lot of spice, a few carrots, few potatoes, couple of handfuls of red lentils, and lots of chopped rosemary. I put it all in the pressure cooker for 15 minutes then when it had cooled a little I used a blender stick thing to blend it. I took some to Richard too and he said it was good and I should make some more. Just waiting for more mutant tomatoes to ripen!

So on our walk yesterday we saw a bunny in the distance..

it was at the top of this path we just walked up, the field below where you see a line of trees - that is where the river is, just the other side of the trees. It is a lovely walk down there. I took my camera becuase last time I didn't and there were buzzards flying low overhead. This time I spotted on in a tree, pointed and said what's that, and Shaun said nothing at which point it flew away - no photo!

thistles gone to seed already...

 These houses were built on the site of an old mill that was later used as a factory, and the builders went bust in the middle of building and left it, probably to the local's great joy. It is up for sale again, no takers for a year so far. The houses have fast flowing rivers on two sides, the two rivers meet, and some of the buildings being restored to housing is alongside the river, or even over it! This is down a narrow lane, is very isolated and the supplies were being driven over an ancient bridge illegally, oh and it floods!
Alfie used to always be in front, but gets left behind more and more, we think he was eating rabbit poo! 

Sooty was first to the gate. We spotted loads of ripe blackberries today, when we bought Bethany here because she wanted to pick some they were all unripe. We found some ripe ones a couple of miles down the road for her though in the field I showed you before with the White Horse view.

I finally made a decision and ordered a tripod and ball head, only to wonder if it was the right one, well tonight I cancelled it, it was going to be dispatched, I found the slightly different model was lighter in weight so I ordered a seperate legs and head, which will cost more but for the weight saving will be worth it I hope! It was only 1lb, or .44kg but every little helps with my back!


  1. How I wish I could get blackberries, I love blackberry jam
    Bridget #2

  2. Lovely post and your dogs are so sweet... well, the one that doesn't eat rabbit poo is sweet, not sure about the other! LOL I always see stuff when I have no camera and forget to use it when I have it with me... Happy T on Tuesday from Annette

  3. I so enjoy your posts. You take us through a day in your life, from the strawberries and apple drink to some audaciously awesome soup. I would LOVE this since I'm a vegetarian.

    Next we get to join you for a walk and see some lovely scenery I would never get to otherwise see. Looks like the company that went bankrupt also left their equipment there.

    Thanks for sharing T (and soup) today. It was fun walking along with you.

  4. That mutant tomato soup looks (and sounds) yummy!


  5. Sometimes I think people are very silly! Fancy putting a housing whatever right over the two rivers, I mean....it was a mill that's a big clue to the fact that it might/will flood! Lovely views though!! I managed to join in this week!
    ((Lyn)) Happy T day

  6. i love that mug! the bright geometric print would definitely find its way to my house if i ever saw anything like it in a shop. i'd fill mine with coffee ;)

    it looks like you have a great place to walk.

  7. Your drink looks delicious, you soup looks divine and your thistles are adorable and I want to blow on them!
    Happy T today!!

  8. Happy T-Day Cazzy,
    What wonderful photos of your area of the world. I really enjoyed seeing them. Love your work mug, very colorful.
    Have a good week.

  9. I can't decide which looks more yummy--the strawberry/apple cool drink or the warm tomato soup! On this rainy day, I think I would choose the latter, especially if it were served in such a cheery mug! I enjoyed the photos--especially the thistle!

  10. Wow, that strawberry drink looks amazing. I bet it tasted great, too. Happy T Day!

  11. I was guessing that colorful mug had pumpkin in it! but the tomato soup sounds yum...

  12. Your drink looks and sounds oh so refreshing and I really enjoyed going on a nature walk with you and your pups!
    Happy T Day from scorching hot Virginia (it will feel like 100+ the next few days and then finally more fall like!)

  13. Love your soup cup, so bright and colorful. that strawberries look yum.
    Happy Tuesday

  14. The soup sounds delicious. We still have a few tomatoes trying to ripen on the vine so I may get to try it. Happy Tuesday.


  15. Your mug of soup is inviting but I love the strawberry drinks I am finding all over the web lately.
    We are going to have to have a new link up called "what booze do you choose?" Maybe once or twice but not every week.

  16. Love that cup!!! Tomato soup is yummy...esp with a grilled cheese. If I hadn't just eatne supper I'd be salivating right now. :)
    Happy Tuesday!

  17. hmmm..... well I had to come back and read our post again. Why did I think you had gin in your glass??? And I was only joking about the link party. I know there isn't enough time in the week for more than a few.
    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  18. I loved your whole post, filled with fun stuff. Love the fancy drink and the colorful mug. My thistles look like that too, I love it. What cute animals you shared too.

  19. I especially love your mutant tomato soup mug! Wonderful place to go for a wander, but looks like a crazy place to build anything--even a mill. Good place to find rabbit poop, though, apparently--LOL!
    Happy Belated T-day! :)


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