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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Time for T on Tuesday again

It started with a fish - never dreamed it would come to this....
Time for T on Tuesday with Elizabeth and Bleubeard, and I am late, might make it before Tuesday is over! I made a fish pie from a Slimming World recipe in a booklet that came with the mag. I am still chuckling over the freeze if the seafood is not already frozen, then telling you to use frozen cooked peeled prawns!
Anyway the recipe called for smoked haddock, I had unsmoked, thought it would do. Then I thought maybe the smoked bit would be nice, so I used a pack of smoked salmon instead of some of the haddock. Next ingredient, the prawns, I only had raw frozen shell on prawns and I didn't want to have to cook and shell them ----- so I used frozen mussel meat. I had the leek and the frozen peas. Potatoes - they were all sprouting but hey, I had enough. Herbs, I have bucketloads of chives growing, not parsley, and I thought I had dill but it was tarragon - that would do, with a bit of Greek Basil. Then I needed creme fraiche of the low fat variety to add to the potato with the herbs, ermm, I added no fat yogurt and some goats cheese. 
Cooked up the sauce, added to the dish, carefully spread the potato, and felt pleased I did manage to cover it all - then turned round and saw the herbs! B*** I was not going to attempt to scrape off the potato and mix it in so I sort of scattered and prodded it into the top! Anyway it was delicious, and this was day 2 cold with salad. Day one was with kale, I have never had kale before that day and I can tell you I will never have it again!
 Very Berry tea, very nice, but it does contain liqourice so you have to take it in moderation if you have high blood pressure. This all happened at the weekend.

We went blackberry picking again last Friday, and this time Alfie got left behind sniffing and we really think he has doggy dementia because when Shaun went back to find him after we called for ages Alfie had gone out of the field, down the road to the car. He could have been run over. Anyway now we are making sure that Alfie is ahead of us, or if he stops we stay and make sure he is going the right way, it isn't the first time - he had gone off round an extra field before now when he didn't notice that we had turned, and his eyesight isn't good so he doesn't recognise us from a distance.

This is the river where we walked on Sunday, I love reflections in water. This is by the houses that you see in the next photo, lovely place to live.

Lovely houses, with lovely gardens in a heavenly location - probably expensive!

The abandoned new houses from last week - they are twos and threes in a row going by the patio doors, UK houses tend to be quite small, especially new builds.
I'm keeping this short, got to go out and I have so much to do in the next few days.


  1. Your meal looks yummy!!
    I can't believe how still the water was that you got such amazing reflections.
    Happy Tuesday!

  2. Happy T Day! Your meal looks lovely, and the veggies add such a delightful pop of color. Cheers!

  3. You sound exactly like me when following a recipe... use this instead of... and it looks lovely so you did good girl!!
    Beautiful reflection photo of the river... hope your Alfie doesn't wander off on walks again.

  4. I'm a great believer in adjusting recipes. ;)
    Happy T-Day! :)

  5. I cannot believe how late I am getting here. I went shopping today instead of tomorrow, and when I got home, I could barely walk. So, I laid down and just got up a few minutes ago. I hope you'll forgive your T host for being late.

    I never follow a recipe. I read it, then know what I have and don't have. Then I improvise like you. Someone asked for a recipe for something I made one time, and I had NO idea what all was in it. Just what was in the fridge, freezer, or pantry at the time. Love what you made, though.

    Thanks for explaining about the houses. I wondered about that.

    I was really impressed with the river shot. It is really gorgeous.

    Thanks for stopping by for T today. I appreciate it, even if I'm a rather inattentive host.

  6. Love the photos - the reflections are stunning - your fish antics made me laugh - Have a great week - Mxx

  7. Late for T, I know, but came by anyway....LOL Beautiful countryside pictures. I would love to go for walk there.
    Your fish dinner sounds interesting, and I had to chuckle cause I tend to read a recipe the same way!!
    Have a Great week!

  8. so I am not the only one to improvise with the recipes? yours looks really appetizing and sounds very good. I love seafood. enjoyed the photos too!


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