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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

WOYWW #223

It is Wednesday already so that means it is time for a nosy round people's desks at WOYWW, which takes place at The Stamping Ground! I wonder if Julia Dunnit ever thought it would get so popular!

I have lots of photos from my walk last night but I won't share them yet, I need to watermark them really and haven't worked that out yet! I saw some birds on overhead cables on the way home and I made Shaun turn the car round and drive back so I could take a photo, he should have stopped when I said it first!

This is my desk as it was last night, and it has moved on only slightly. You can see the cards I blogged recently bagged up ready to price up. and on the desk is another similar card in progress. Promarkers out, different colours because I couldn't remember which I used first time, and it is a darker version, also I didn't want to use my pastel blue and pearl blue, I will wear those two out soon I am sure, so picked two different blues to use. The 3m ATG is there, and a box because I had to load a new tape reel, the box will be recycled. You can see a jar of ribbons too, I just haven't put it away! So there it is, short and sweet this week. I hope I can get round people but this seems to be taking over my life a little!


  1. Your desk look very industrious, and the underneath looks interesting too. Francesca #47

  2. Love it. My Mum knows to stop when I say 'bird' - she's got very good at it! Although I did make her turn around and drive back to see a bird of prey once... turned out it was a wooden carving :/
    Happy Wednesday

  3. Oooo Cassy I have decided I prefer to see busy desks......love the fairy print.....have fun xxx 71 zeffy

  4. Hey Cazzy, here at WOYWW we don't want things to be taking over your life...the idea is just to make reciprocal visits and dip in and put if you can...please don't see it as a stress. now, when I look at your desk...are you in the land of giants? Or is that quality street box actually quite small?!! I slay myself, I really do.

  5. Happy WOYWW, you have tons of fab Craftiness going on there!!
    -Tera #3

  6. I love your big table with all that space. I love to spread out, too, but I don't have as much room as you do. Happy Wednesday! #107

  7. what a fun busy desk!!! Love it!!! ;o) Thanks for your visit to my blog! I'm now a follower of yours. I need to be kept busy ;o) And well with the teams being reduced I'm a bit at lost lol I will get busy with some awesome GDT ;o)


    # 127

  8. Looks like you have lots of fun things you are working on! I'd love to sneak by and take a closer look! :) Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  9. Everyone seems to be spreading Promarkers everywhere, glad I'm not the only one...seeing they are so expensive I feel guilty! Yes I was up late, and left my woywwpost to the timer as Julia's post hadn't gone out til about 4... too late to wait as I had to be up and out by 7... well...out by 8! to walk two dogs, and then my computer wasn't loading. I know it's a warning, it's so old it's crashed several times...and of course guess what....printer once again, after using the new ink three times is saying cartridge is incompatible again! That's now one colour and three black inks... I'm taking them back to Tesco! Thank you for my snoop!! Happy late WOYWW! Have a crafty week!!

    (((Lyn)) #60

  10. I LOVE the way you work - looks like my table:) Thanks so much for your wonderful response to my post - take good care!!


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