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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Time for T on Tuesday

 I went shopping for Tea supplies last week, and this is some of the tea I bought. The cup was a present from Richard, I used to use it for my hot chocolate but now I am measuring how much I can have on Slimming World it is a bit on the big size to use and the hot chocolate looks lost in it!
Our haul of tomatoes from the greenhouse, there are 3 different sorts here, the one that looks like a pumpkin at the back - it has a big HUMONGOUS brother which hasn't yet gone red! Another mutant due to the weather. I think soup might be in order for the big boys!

We took Bethany out for a few days, this was at the Hawk Conservancy Trust, if it landed on my bird feeder it would flatten it! The vultures were part of a really entertaining flying display which ended with them swooping very low over the crowd, we had to all duck right down low and Shaun still got touched by a wing!
 If you want to join in this gentle hop, go to Elizabeth and Bleubeard's blog right now!
I started going round trying to catch up with all the comments from the last two weeks but I haven't got very far!


  1. Like your cup and I spot some vanilla chai there. I'd like to try that. Our tomatoes here in Northern CA (USA) produced a bumper crop this year too, meanwhile the zucchini which usually takes over the garden had a rather puny output. I'm making marinara sauce with our tomatoes and putting it in the freezer.


  2. Lovely to see your haul of fresh toms and that is one ugly bird! LOL Happy T on Tuesday to you!

  3. Unlike previous years, I didn't plant any veggies this year, but stuck with herbs only. I love the look of your tomatoes, even that big pumpkin sized one it took me forever to notice (grin). Guess I need glasses.

    Even the word vulture sounds a bit scary. Glad Bethany made it without an nightmares later that night (grin).

    That is one cute cup. I can tell it came from "across the pond," since we say mom, not mum. Cute, though. If I'm lucky, I'll have posted this before WOYWW goes live (tee hee).

  4. I have had tat brand of vanilla chai and was not happy with it. The ginger looks good. Love the mug.
    Happy Tuesday

  5. Hello and Happy Tuesday!! What yummy tomatoes you have, ours are almost done too.
    It made me smile to hear you say shopping for tea things, I've never did that before. Thinking I will be soon now that I've been joining all of you for tea.
    Enjoy the rest of your day!

  6. Who knew that vultures could be so entertaining! ;)

    The new tea you bought came in beautiful packaging! Happy T day!

  7. Your homegrown tomatoes look very tasty!
    We Love making my mother's tomato salad with vinegar a wee bit of oil when the tomatoes are fresh and in season...Yum!
    Having vultures swoop down near you sounds pretty thrilling...almost a little too thrilling ;)
    Fun cup you have there too!

  8. Your tomatoes are gorgeous and plentiful! Vultures are pretty scary looking to me. I'm not sure that would be a trip for me. :)
    Happy Tuesday!...on Weds.

  9. Quite a tomato haul!
    Cute cup!
    I'd pass on vultures wings brushing me anywhere at all--lol!
    Happy Belated T-Tuesday. :)


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