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Friday, 30 May 2008

Leaving card finished at last

I haven't posted all week as I have been very busy making this leaving card for someone at work.

It is a C4 size card, I have only made one this big before and I have never made a spinner card.

Pictures are a hamster, a squirrel and two lots of flying pigs.

The hamster photo shows the finished card front as I added a few bits after the first photos.

I stayed up late three nights running to perfect the card. The ric rac hides an edge, as I put two circles of card together and they weren't quite right.

The birthday card is the one already pictured but I added a butterfly which I think really makes it special.

The remaining cards all "thinking of you", were done with the help of a teenage helper, she didn't want to just stick mats on, but to offset them and add some stamping. I did the stamping. The grass and flower stamps were placed as directed by my helper!

My new Big Bite arrived yesterday, and sadly the case was smashed in the post, however the USA seller is going to replace it and wants me to check out the Big Bite to make sure that isn't damaged also.

What she did was take the Big Bite out of the packaging and placed it in the case to save me a lot of postage, even without the case it was cheaper than the one I bought over here, and it seems to be fine so far!


  1. You have been very busy. Your cards are great.
    Glad your new big bite is ok.
    From what I am hearing around and from personal experience a dew people are having trouble with them.


  2. Wow you've been busy Cazzy, gorgeous cards :)

    Thanks for visiting my blog and for leaving a comment :)

  3. Hi, Cazzy, you industrious crafter you...

    You might want to take a peek at my blog!!! ;o)

    I am going to need you to contact me, please, with your address...


    Heather xx

  4. What a lovely collection of natural cards.

    I came over to visit after you had left such a nice comment about my pin up girl card.

  5. Such lovely results from a combined effort.


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