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Friday, 16 May 2008

Dog disappeared!

I went to check if the postie had been yet, expecting some Tuff boxes and a prize from DoCrafts but they probably won't arrive today!

The dogs came with me, then they shot off after something, probably a cat! Disappeared round the back of next door's garage into the wilderness that is the hedge.

I called and called and eventually Alfie came back, he was getting a bit excited that Sooty wasn't coming back so I shut him in the house where he was threatening violence to Sooty and went back looking!

Called him and looked, no sign, I didn't know if he was round the other side - would have to get the key and see, or if he had broken through into a neighbour's garden.

Eventually he appeared looking sheepish and couldn't get back out of the hedge, and then limped convincingly on next doors gravel drive. He was very sorry, and rolled over and even let me brush and comb him with minimum theats.

Alfie did get him when I let him back in too, gave him a good telling off!

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  1. Glad you managed to get both doggies back safe and sound. Shame your crafty stuff didn't turn up though. Maybe tomorrow eh? But leave the dogs inside! :-)


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