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Thursday, 15 May 2008

Blog candy got there safely

I heard from Nicola and she is thrilled with her blog candy and will post it on her blog soon!

I went into Tesco on Monday, and as it is the size of a small country, which I may have mentioned before, I was in there for an hour and spent £Cough Cough!

I picked up three blouses (which have all gone back today), I went looking for summer skirts - due to the hot weather and losing weight.

When I got to the checkout the woman was holding up the blouse looking at it from the front, then she said "some don't have them on" and began folding it to go in the bag! I said it has a tag on it - look! She went red and removed it.
Then she did exactly the same with the second one, but managed to find the tag on the last one.

So off I trot to the door and "beep, beep beep" security beeper went off! Security guard rushed over (perhaps rushed is exaggerating), wanted to see if I had clothes and checked them - not tags amazingly, so he said did you buy any razor blades? No but I bought toothbrush heads - found that and - you guessed it - wacking great tag on little pack, how could the woman miss it!

Had to produce my receipt and hang round like a nana while he went to get my tag removed!

I have tomorrow off now, but I have a lot to do as we are going to my Son's and his girlfriend's place for the weekend. This was very last minute and I have had to cancel an appointment.

We have sorted my son out for reluctant dog (and by default house sitting), but we are not sure if there is a suitable bed, or if we will be staying in a hotel!

I could have done without it really, but it will be nice to see them and offload his post! Also we are going to look at a house he is interested in buying, I said you could knock down the garage and build a proper extension, he said it doesn't have a garage only a carport, I said they clearly did have a garage and made it into a room, oh he said, I thought it was a dodgy extension - that makes more sense! Kids, so I think we better go and take a look!

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