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Saturday, 10 May 2008

Not a virus any more!

Hooray - I'm not a virus any more! Now my mouse is playing up and working on it's own, been having probs with PC and mouse wasn't working, now it is working I have no sound again!

Time for a new PC?


  1. I had the same message when trying to blog hop this afternoon, thank goodness it's cleared up now eh?

    Sorry to hear about your mouse playing up though, and your sound. I can't help with either of those I'm afraid :-(

    Jules x

  2. Hi Jules,
    It certainly is and the mouse is behaving again! I get my son looking at the PC and he gets the sound working, get my brother working on it and the mouse revives but the sound is gone again!

    Had it three years, I think they make them self destruct after that!


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