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Thursday, 22 May 2008

May birthdays, weather and stuff

It is my Mum's birthday today. I gave her the Spring Showers card, and we have had showers today, also I bought her a food processor. She had no idea, thought it was a joke big box with a small present inside! (Can't think why she thought that).

I got a text saying she was speechless, so that was a result! She has given away her Kenwood Chef now she has the processor. Well I knew she would never get one if I didn't get it for her!

Sunday is Hubby's birthday and I have bought him a weed wand so he can go round burning stuff, his last one broke, a long handled weeding tool and a mini upright Dyson. I hope he likes it, well he will but it is a bit small so will require very frequent emptying but is very light which he will like!

Some people are so rude! Drivers I mean. I went to the farm shop earlier this week and as I drove out a people carrier was approaching me, it was clear she had no intention of backing up so I backed up quite a way to let her by. She swept by in her little bus without a glance at me let alone a thank you, nose in air, sunglasses on, child in front strapped in seat!

Well you would think she owned the place and I know she doesn't!

I like to say thanks to people who give way, even if it is at traffic calming - some don't bother to give way! It doesn't cost anything to do, and makes people feel a bit better for waiting for you!

I have ordered more stamps (have nearly filled the 5 new boxes already). I can't help it, my name is Cazzy and I am a stamp addict!

Well there were some cute bee stamps, then some Hero Arts tapestry stamps, and I think I need a Woodware cooks set, for my Son's card in June!

Ah well, I soon won't be able to get into my craft room- just need some more shelves for all the boxes!

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