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Monday, 19 May 2008

I'm Back!

I spent the weekend away in Princes Risborough sleeping on a futon one night and a frequently deflating airbed the second. Neither were to be recommended!

It is really handy living in a High Street of a small town where you can walk from one supermarket to the other and take in all the little shops in between in about 15 minutes.

The building was interesting too, one part was really old with panelled ceilings, and a part hidden oak stair or floor, you could only see a little of a flat area then a step, then the floor which was on two levels. (None of the buildings in the photos are where I stayed by the way, just liked them!)

I found a little art shop that had Tuff boxes for 49p less each than I paid, and I paid postage for my 5 so could have saved over £6. Ah well, next time I want them I can put an order in with my son's girlfriend!

We went out for three meals, Indian - had delicious tandoori fish, Turkish - had sea bass, and a pub that sold African meat such as Zebra (not keen on that idea), I had fish again, the others had roast or steak. Steak was served on a hot rock and you cut it up and cooked it to taste on the hot rock!

I also managed to get my Mum a birthday present - a food processor. I was going to get it online but saw the shop and it was the same price with no messing with ordering, delivery and waiting hoping it would get there on time. So it is sitting here wrapped in two different papers, as I didn't have enough of one.

So back home and I thought I would sleep really well but I couldn't get off. I think I may be getting a cold, I got so cold at the weekend and again today while watching a fire putting out demo outside in the cold!

I must get on with the card I am making, need to try a few things out!

Also just to clarify as I have just realised there is a misunderstanding - the stash pictured in the post about me winning the challenge with my altered tub was not the prize! I bought the stash!

The prize was an embellishment tote by Papermania!

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