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Sunday, 1 June 2008

I'm rearranging my craft room

I had the urge to rearrange my craft room last night, I can't stand it any longer. I am trying to come up with ways of putting everything tidy, so the bottom shelf of my teddy bear collection was emptied, and I put books from the cupboard on it.
I also had to squeeze the shelf up a bit, sorry teddies - you look a bit uncomfortable squashed in there!
Then I re-photographed any changed stamp boxes, and the new ones, and labelled them.
I have managed to get 8 boxes in the cupboard, but the other stuff in there now needs a new home.
Also the teddies need a new home!

I am going to put the UM stamp Lever Arch folders back in the cupboard and see if there is more room as I have 4 binders of Craft Stamper magazine and this years magazines to put in a binder. (got all the other mags but these are the only ones that I put in binders).

It would be nice to get all the clear stamp folders in the cupboard but more stuff will have to move.

I think the cuttlebug folders, not yet tried, can go in the purple boxes with the dies, also the spare plates for the die cutters - I actually have two eyelet setting plates for the Wizard, I think it only uses one and I haven't tried it out!

There is still a long way to go but I think it is getting better! Also if the boxes my son has for selling on Ebay go it will make a difference!

Today my son gave me back the network connector, so he can't go on Ebay and buy any more stuff when he is in his bedroom - methinks I should do the same before it is too late!


  1. Well I thought my craft area was bad but you just beat it Cazzy.
    That will take some beating.

  2. At least I can see the rug now Sally! I wish I could get Hubby to put up the extra shelves I wanted, it might help!

  3. What a lorra' lorra' crafty stash.
    Good luck with the reorganising ... you're doing well.


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