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Saturday, 3 May 2008

Moving mountains at Midnight

Magazine mountains that is! I should have gone to bed at 11 p.m, (23:00), but at half past eleven I suddenly had the urge to sort out my ever growing magazine mountain.

I have been making cards since 2004 so had 4 years of nearly every magazine going stacked up in my craft room. By Midnight I had two large piles in the charity shop pile and we planned to take it all down this morning (which we did).

Since then I have sorted out another large pile to go, so you would think it was very tidy in here wouldn't you? No - I don't think anyone could tell the difference right now!

During the sort out I found 3 magazines still had the free gift attached, one was decoupage so it can stay attached!

I tore out a few pages, but not many, to keep, and I have a pile of mags that looked too interesting to ditch so I will have to go back to them.

This has given me ideas to move stuff round a bit, but I want to swap the small set of plastic drawers for the two magazine holders under the shelf, if I do this I have a problem as the brush marker pens are sitting in a paint brush organiser on top of the mini shelves as are two small sets of stamps!

I need more shelves everywhere!

I also have suffered with a migraine all day for going to bed late so have not cleaned and tidied ready for our visitors tomorrow and will have a mad rush to do it in the morning. So I am sitting here with the TV off and the lights dimmed, and will go to bed very soon!

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