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Saturday, 2 February 2008

To buy a craft tote or not?

Last week when I popped into the local craft shop they had Papermania totes in both colours reduced to £29.99, and I looked and thought where would I put it, and do I really want one - would I use it?
I have recently joined a scrapping crop but haven't really been properly apart from dropping in to say hello as I was feeling too tired to stay, and they were all sitting there making lovely things and all seemed to have the wheeled totes!

So maybe I need one for the crop, I haven't done scrapbooking but I have bought a few scrapbooks and although I have a tote with a shoulder strap the A4 plus Tuff boxes fit perfectly so I don't know if 12" x 12" would fit. I will try but then it could be heavy to carry with scrapbooks and tools, and I only have to go down the road and will probably be dropping in after Pilates so will be driving anyway.

Today I decided to go back and get a tote but they only had the brown and pink one, I asked if there was a lilac one but they said no. Said they had sold two lilac ones today, I said you only had two last week so you can't have done - oh no we had some in the passageway!

I didn't buy it, I don't know why but I don't think I could bring myself to love the brown and pink combination, maybe pink and brown would have been alright.

I would love a black and red, pink and grey, spotty one if you are reading Do Crafts! I wonder if you are about to bring out new colours and that is why everyone has offers but I haven't found another for £29.99, apart from Arty Miss who are selling at £49.99 but you get a free mini tote worth £19.99.

So now I have to ask myself if I want to spend £50 on a tote, that might be in the way and get used little! Or if I could get to the Cheltenham show - would anyone be selling them that cheap?

I need to win one!

I did buy something - well it is rude not to! I bought two mini corner stamp sets, I don't think I have any like it already.

Tomorrow I might go and see Sweeney Todd at the cinema, I haven't done the housework (what's new), which really needs doing but I would love to see Sweeney Todd!


  1. I'd go with the papermania they are fab!
    You've been tagged....check my blog!

  2. Thanks Susie, I have just done my bit, but I have been tagged twice I found out, do I have to do two tagging operations?

    I can't have the brown tote, despite the price! I would have to decorate it so you can't see the brown.

    I want a spotty one, black and red, pink and black - either will do or just a black and red coloured one would be good too!

  3. http://www.rugbycrafts.co.uk/search.php
    heres the lilac tote . I bought my tote from this shop though not a nice coloured one . If you decide to go to more crops a tote is a must you wont regret it.
    i like the brown and pink one better !!!

  4. Well if I decide I will buy the brown one I expect it will be gone now!

    If it is still there perhaps it is fate I should get it but I still want a red and black polka dot one!

  5. Wow I would love to be your daughter and be able to use all your stuff! Am just getting into card making and am finding it hard because everything is so pricey and we justcan not afford it. Would love a Cutterbug to. I doubt my craft room will ever look like yours, though I have the room and storage , do not have the dollars.
    Am happy for you though,keep crafting! Snnoz


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