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Sunday, 24 February 2008

Made some cards!

Don't faint, I actually managed to make a few cards and I mended my work trousers that have sat here for ages waiting for a few stitches!

I haven't quite finished the cards and they are just using the handbag and shoe chipboard shapes that came free with a magazine and more circles!

Now they are used I am looking at blooms and hats!

I was on my own today, but I had a mini crisis when the electricity went off but not the lights or cooker! It took a while to realise that then a while later and a few phone calls to work out the RCD switch needed switching, all came back on but when I plugged in my steam cleaner it went again!

Apart from that I haven't done much, filled up the bird feeders, bit of housework, cooked myself some organic chicken with veg and rice pasta, and now it is time for bed!

Goodnight all!

Oh just to say I was going to leave some comments on Max's blog and another but blogger kept timing out! Will do it when I can.

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