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Sunday, 17 February 2008

Its' so cold!

The frog spawn is frozen into the ice on the pond! I hope we will still get some baby frogs!

As my eldest son and his girlfriend were here visiting for the weekend, we had a nice family meal today with my youngest son and his girlfriend and my parents, at the Indian restaurant that used to be a village pub in Southwick on the A361 near Trowbridge. They have a special offer on Sunday lunch and evenings and Monday evenings, choose any starter, main, rice and side dish with Nan bread from the menu for just under £11. If you want king prawns or duck it is £2 extra but they didn't charge extra for my king prawn shaslik.

I took a photo of the waiter known as Jac and the restaurant.

Here is a link to the Bath restaurant, you can see the lovely menu which is the same for Southwick.

Good news on the roaring dinosaur toy too, it is still in one piece, although it has nibbled bits with holes forming! It is made by Good Boy and was £3.99 in Tesco, and is much better value for money than the nearly £5 trobone playing mouse by Rosewood which lasted only hours! I have no idea why this is underlined and I can't see where to take it off!

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  1. Hi Caz, was lucky to get that photo! RE DM - I'd check to see if it does still work, I've been on the UKscrappers site, lots of people have had problems reinstalling DM on new PC's or after a full PC reinstall. You are supposed to be able to retrieve your licence file... it took me five e-mails to persuade me to send me another licence file, but it didn't work, as I still can't use the darn program. May invest in the KNK software, which comes with the licence files.

    Love your cards, you are such a talented lady!


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