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Friday, 8 February 2008

Day off

I had the day off today. The carpet fitters were coming in the afternoon to fit the carpet we decided to replace after the flood.

So I thought I would get loads of cards made, my craft room tidied and lots of other things - ha!

I got the clippers out and trimmed the dogs first, then did some washing up. Then the phone rang, the carpet fitters wanted to know if they could come early - there were three of them and they took a long time and great care over fitting the carpet (probably because I had voiced concerns when we went to the carpet seller having had a badly fitted carpet from there before!) So I couldn't get to my craft room until they had gone.

But then I had to give DH a lift to work, and drive my son's car home which was a bit hairy as I haven't driven it before, and I popped into the supermarket to get some bits. By the time I got back it was nearly time to cook the dinner I had decided to cook as a special (healthy) treat as normally my DH goes for convenience food for him and my son, to save me cooking and because I am home later than they want to eat!

So here I am having not made a card, or tidied my craft room, but I did buy a storage crate when shopping that I thought the Zipemate would go into, but I didn't take the handle into account! I have two options, unscrew the handle which I tried without a lot of sucess, or store it in the crate on its side. I am considering doing the second but I don't want to damage it!

So the crate is sat on my craft chair and the Zipemate is sat on my workspace.

Bedtime is approaching fast and I can't see me getting many cards or much tidying done in the minutes left!

Ah well - tomorrow is another day!

I forgot to mention I had another rubber stamp arrive a couple of days ago, it is a Stampabilities stamp of a baby rabbit in a nappy yawning and it is called - wait for it - Yaaaawn. I saw it and fell for it and I think I paid a premium price if you include the postage from the USA!

Still more stamps to come, mostly Hero Arts but I have ordered two sets of Technique Tuesday clear stamps, Loves me Loves me Not, and Loves me Still which fit together. I fell in love with the first set when I saw a card using it on the front of my Craft Stamper magazine and have searched for it, only finding the large set, but finally finding the small set which fits with the second set. I don't know which size the Craft Stamper card used, but the small set seemed fairly big.

The stamp sets consists of separate decorated petals and flower centres that you can mix and match as required. I am really looking forward to getting the sets, but I may have to buy the large set too!

By the way I have speeded up the slide show as I was getting bored waiting, let me know if it is too fast! The other effects didn't fit with the frame - I tried them all!

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