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Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Dog tales continued

Alfie doesn't like taking pills, and he is very clever at pretending he has swallowed them then spitting them out into his beard, or on the floor.
I tried the first one wrapped in a piece of ham, but he knew and managed to unwrap it in his mouth eat the ham and spit out the tablet.

Same thing would happen with cheese so I just have to get it as far back on his tongue as I can and hold his mouth shut while stroking his throat!

Tonight I tried chucking the tablet in and then giving him a biscuit straight away. He clenched his teeth and would not swallow, or chew the biscuit but in the end he had to start chewing - I think the tablet went where it should, but I haven't searched the settee yet!

Yesterday at the vets we met two other Miniature Schnauzers which may have been Alfie's siblings as they came from the same place and were about the same age! Alfie was pleased to meet them, funny thing is he normally tries to beat up any other dog - well not really but to give the impression he will but Schnauzers always recognise other Schnauzers!

We used to have one that was extremely nervous of other dogs, except Schnauzers!

Sooty dog was naughty in the vets, he gets very excited with the smells and left a little puddle inside, I thought I had stopped him but hubby says otherwise, but at least he didn't try christening the other people waiting - it has been known!

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  1. We had a cat that was a dab hand at not eating tablets. We used to try everything you've said but he could always eat everything from around it and still leave the tablet untouched. Now the dog was a different story we just wrapped it in a piece of ham and threw it at him and he wolfed the lot down, it never even touched the sides! :-)


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