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Sunday, 10 February 2008

Barbeque in February in England!!!!!

Bet the neighbours thought we were mad, but it was such glorious sunshine! It was frosty in the morning though, and although the food was cooked outside on the BBQ the guests ate indoors!

I did do some tidying of my craft room, I started it at 11 pm last night - as you do! You could see the rug and get to the cupboard but I had to let my little niece clear the spare chair onto the floor so she could sit and make a card so it looks nearly as bad as it did before - here I go again!

I made a mother's day card, I think she wanted me to give it to her and maybe I should have but it is the only one I have made so far, and I let her make any card she wanted (with a little help) and she chose to make a Valentine's card (not sure if she has an 8 year old boyfriend to give it to!). She told me yellow was her Mum's favourite colour, but I am not inclined to give my soon to be ex SIL anything nice!

Here is the photo, I took loads and every one was wonky!

I had to get into my craft room with my niece for some peace and quiet, all the chattering of a room full of my relatives (not being specific here) does my head in!

Then the visitors started leaving, and littlest niece went off with some bits and pieces, some were free on magazines and some were from my stash, so she can make a Mother's day card if she wants to.

My little niece is frightened of the dogs when she first comes in as they make such a noise barking and looking fierce, so we have devised a system whereby she picks up a bag of biscuits hung on the front door handle and then "makes friends" again with the dogs.
This went a bit wrong as the gang went shopping for BBQ food and I heard crunching and found the dog had the bag which he had chewed through and got to the biscuits!

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