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Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Sorry Alan and Barry - you had to go!

At a craft show I visted recently in Exeter I watched part of a show that Alan and Barry were performing. I signed something to go in a prize draw and my Hubby did (well actually I filled out his), and I left him there to wait for the draw.

We didn't win the big prize, but got a couple of cards with envelopes and acetate butterflies. In the next couple of days I started getting emails from Alan and Barry. Not so bad, but they arrived three or four times a day!

I got to the stage where I was so fed up with them I was deleting them without reading them, so I decided I had to unsubscribe - sorry guys but it was overkill!

I had a package of goodies arrive today - you guessed it - stamps! Three sets of Woodware clear stamps.

There is a package at the Post Office, and I think I have upset them over the Parcel Safe and locking of Parcel Safe! My son may be partly to blame for this, he has been unlocking the box then twisting the lock so it is not possible to lock the box! Sorry post people if this was the case!

I wonder what the parcel could be - could it be - more stamps???? It could as I am expecting three different lots of stamps from the USA! What on earth is wrong with me???? I can't stop buying them!

Not only that I am still watching other stamps - I am trying not to buy them!

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