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Monday, 28 January 2008

New Dog Toy - lasted a few hours!

One of my dogs loves to play with soft toys, he will carry them round the room while you "chase" him! He used to move a lot faster when he was 10 months old and we just got him! Sometimes the older dog will play with him, but not often.

The older dog goes mad when I set one of those singing toys off, more so if it moves too, so the singing dancing dogs on a cushion that Hubby got me, that sing I Got You Babe drive him demented!

Christmas snowmen and singing penguins, singing reindeer - he will try to climb the furniture to get to them.

So when I saw some musical dog toys in the pet shop I had to get him one, and he had a great time worrying it, and dragging it about when it was set off to play the tune. It would have been better if it had sung as well but it was a start!

The younger dog got it for a while and carried it gently round, the older dog had managed to rip the label off, break the stitching open and pull out the sound mechanism by the following lunchtime - so that was a waste of £5!

The toy was made by Rosewood and is a Mister Twister Rocks toy

We found 3 batteries scattered around, but it looked like the little sound box should have a plastic cover screwed on to keep the batteries in - that has never shown up so maybe the dog swallowed it!

I won't be getting another, one was coming apart in the shop!

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  1. Cazzy the dog story made me laugh! My sister's dog destroys every toy she gets, she got one at Christmas, it had a rope thing at one end, it lasted until the evening! She is also ball mad, the dog, not my sister, but she also destroys the balls...


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