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Sunday, 30 August 2015

Home sweet Quirky Home, part 1

Kemly set us the challenge of Home Sweet Quirky Home and picked out two file sets for us to use from our generous sponsor The Cutting Cafe. We have two of the huge sets of cutting files provided by our sponsors, one is 3d Houses and the other is Window sills. These are full of a variety of houses in different shapes and sizes and accessories even printable greetings, and they come in file formats for different cutting machines and if you don't have a machine they also come in .pdf format for printing and hand cutting.

I am running so late, I decided to buy a Klic n Kut, and bin the eCraft that was sitting like a useless lump in a box in the room, and it was due to arrive by Saturday (yesterday) which it did. My attempts at secrecy failed when hubby took delivery as the postie arrived the same time as our visitors, whoops! If he hand't taken it in in disgust he would probably have noticed the noise by now, I have been tidying my craft room/office like crazy and rearraging stuff - not sure you would notice yet, but I was going to try and get away with the moving thing - it's been there years I just moved it sort of thing!

Anyway with any new computerised or electronic, or even manual piece of equipment there are instructions to read, and a learning curve. I stayed up to the earlybbours due to not being able to get on my PC until late partly due to my visitors and partly due to my son who is visitng trying to help me sort out a problem I have with my new monitor (which may well be going back for replacement), and I got the Zing Air to do a test draw, test cut and tried to cut my first house and failed. I went to bed and got a few hours sleep then had to get up as we were looking after a three year old for the day.Today I managed to cut our the start of my house, then forgot the instructions on assembly (too many new instructions in my tiny brain) and assembled it wrongly. So tried to cut that part out again and the machine would not work. With the help of someone on the Klik n Kut facebook site I have managed to get it going again, so will keep on with this as long as I can stay awake, but the finished article might appear tomorrow when our visitors have departed.
Here is my new baby and on the top is a house stand I cut out, a how not to assemble your house example in yellow and how to do it properly in red! I have put a couple of magazines under the Zing which seems a lot noisier than I was expecting having watched the videos and read up on it, it might be the metal stand it is temporarily on isn't helping, it will be on the wooden bench eventually (could make it worse). So I am trying to finish this but not wake my little grandson up!

I was the lucky winner of 6 months of new releases from The Cutting Cafe last year, and at last I have something to cut them with apart from hand cutting! Not all of the files are cutting files, some of them are full of loads of digital images for printing.

In the meantime you can see some really cute houses and windows by the team at Quirky Crafts and join in with anything home related to win your own files or printables.

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