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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

The Craft Barn Alpha Challenge letter R for rediger = to write

R for Rediger meaning "to write". I decided to do the history of writing from ancient Eqyptian, with Chinese, handwriting and typewriting.
This didn't go as well as I hoped, some of the Paperartsy stamps are finely detailed and those didn't really work on the gesso. The lady writing is by Inkadinkado, one I will be keeping because I love it. I see she is wearing a hat, and I was sure it was her hair last time - maybe I smudged it! There are lots of different stamps on here, some by Papermania Urban collection, Cherry Pie Art Stamps, Paper Artsy, Elusive Images? and more. It didn't look too bad until I decided to add ink blobs, and straight from the distress ink bottle, those drops were HUGE and I grabbed some kitchen paper towel to try and soak it up or it would have been much worse! (I almost didn't post this at all). On with the next word I think (I have a couple of words in mind, but one of them I thought I had stamps for and I don't so I either have to hand draw or forget it and the page is all prepared)!


  1. Hadn't read your commenting instructions initially but I found them just in time! I love your page, and all your decoration.

  2. I may be daft but I quite like the smudgy blobs of wiped off ink!

  3. I am really pleased that you decided to post this, smudges and all! Smudges are part of learning to write... always had inky fingers at school from my fountain pen! er...now I am showing my age hahaha!

    Such a fabulous page!

    Karen from The Craft Barn x

  4. It's such a shame your having commenting problems. It is so frustrating for you. I felt it was worth the little extra time to come here to say how much I love your page, a new word to me, with a great interpretation. I love your page, so pleased you did enter it. Caz

  5. Fab pages and interesting word (new to me!) love your pages ...ink smudges 'n'all :)

  6. A new word for me and I really like the way you have illustrated this word including the ink blobs I was hopeless with a pen and ink always managed a blob or two! lol.

    Grrr blogger why can't it play nice!!

    Maggie H

  7. What a great word to choose. Your illustrations for it are awesome and the pages look wonderful!

  8. Another new word for me, very interesting page,blobs and all and yes I was another one who always managed to blob with a fountain pen

  9. One of the things I'm learning with this challenge is to embrace imperfection. I'm not so hung up about getting it perfect as I know that there will be smudges and mistakes along the way but I can just do it and move on to the next letter.
    I'm glad you have entered your pages I think they are great and I've learnt a new word.

  10. When I looked at your page before reading the post, I thought the ink splats were done on purpose both to illustrate your word and to add lovely texture and ink to the background. Glad you posted. Lots of wonderful detail here.

  11. Great pages, love the stamps and your interpretation of your chosen R Word.

    Sylv xx

  12. I think that is a great word you have chosen and the details you included even the ink blobs

  13. Ah Ha! I found this page. So very clever of you and so interesting. I love the lady at her writing table. I like the smudgy blobs too -- I so remember when I had to use a real fountain pen in school!


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