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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

WOYWW #202

It is that day again, Wednesday, the day we get to nosy round other people's workdesks! This has come out very dark and not very good photos. 
I decided I had to tackle my Kraftin Kimmie stamp pile and organise it, and in doing so I have already found one duplicate purchase. (I started this at bedtime, and was soooo late going to bed it was hardly worth bothering).

What is involved, well first I adhere the pink slips with the picture of the stamp onto card (for the few stamps with no picture I stamp the image on the card), then the sheet is scanned so I can put a copy in my "catalogue" where I can refer to it when I need a stamp, then the first sheet is laminated. After that I adhere a 3L filing strip to the side so it can go in a folder. The stamps need to be stuck onto EZ Mount and cut out then the backing peeled off so they can be stored on their laminated sheet. A lot of the stamps are already on EZ, I did that part first until I ran out - I think I need a lot more EZ, I have a heap of stamps without it, not all KKS and only one sheet left unused.

Last week I visited other people taking part randomly, I would never have time to go round everyone, and I didn't! I had a lot of return visits with reactions varying from no comment, shock to I want to come and play!
So if you want to see a whole load more workdesks and even show yours - hop on over to The Stamping Ground where it all began, started by the lovely Julia.


  1. You are one busy lady, have a happy plodding day.
    Bishopsmate #65

  2. Hi Cazzy. Thank you for the tip on getting to your comments - that is a real bind for you as half the beauty of blogging is the interaction. Hope you manage to get it fixed. You have a lot of work to do so I think you may need cake! Happy WOYWW to you Helen 92

  3. So nice to see someone has a craft desk as messy and chaotic as mine!

    Cass xx

  4. Thanks for the hint about commenting, it worked! I see you have a lot going on at your desk this week. Lots of trimming of stamps I see. That pup stamp has melted me. Can't wait to see what you make with all these stamps!! Winnie#76

  5. Gosh that's a lot of Kraftin Kimmie stamps - I'm in envy! Have a great week of crafting. Linda #117

  6. someone else trying to index stamps I feel your pain as I am half way through doing mine. Thank you for sharing your desk you sure have a lot of stamps
    Have a great WOYWW today and enjoy the rest of your week
    Ria #40

  7. Hi Cazzy- have you tried having the comments open up as a separate box, in your settings? I know that fixed it for a few people having this problem last year.Most of us find we can't get around to everyone on the list-what a lot do is visit everyone whose number ends the same as theirs, most of us have some 'regulars' we visit every week, try to get to all the ones who come & comment on ours. Then do some random ones if we find we have some spare time, lol! Have a great week, Hugs Shaz #70 xx

  8. Well, hello there, fellow Wiltshire WOYWWer!! Nice to meet you and thanks for dropping by my blog :)
    Good luck with the sorting out of all those stamps.... A mighty task but so worth it on the end when you know where everything is!
    And I don't know where you are in Wiltshire but did you know that the second WOYWW crop is being held here on 1st June?? Julia's got a separate page about it on top left of her blog! See what you think.....
    Hugs, LLJ 37 xx

  9. See what you mean about the comments, what a bother, and far too many stamps in my book but there again I'm not a stamper really. If you go back a few posts on my blog you'll see the majority of mine laid out on my bed! Thanks for visiting me already BJ#1

  10. Wow-you have a lovely lovely stamp collection going-good look on your project!

  11. Oh Wow, look at your workspace. Fancy staying up nearly all I night, I would be beat!

    I live in Wiltshire and I see there is another lady leaving comments who is in Wilts - it's a beautiful place to live.

    K x No. 137

  12. I'm in the midst of doing the same thing. Needed to take a break as my hands can only do so much and the hot knife gets..HOT! I don't use scissors to these the hot knife is much easier. Thanks for sharing so come again. :) Finally getting do my woyww snooping. WOYWWer #3. Nan G

  13. G'day Cazzy
    I'm running late but thanks for stopping by my desk. My guest has arrived early and is staying in my art room so no WOYWW for me next week. Thanks also for watching my crap video LOL. OMG Cazzy your desk is a beehive of activity LOL. Have fun with all that cutting and sorting of the rubber. I see you can do "cute" unlike me LOL.
    Annette In Oz #83

  14. Hi Cazzy from Kezzy :-) I am so late visiting this week. Wow lots of lovely rubber, I do exactly the same with my stamps and forever running out of ez mount. Happy woyww :-) Kezzy xxx


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