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Wednesday, 10 April 2013


It is What's on your workdesk Wednesday (WOYWW) over at The Stamping Ground. The day we all get to have a nosy at each other's desks and see how messy/tidy they are.

This is what is on my workdesk right now, I spent hours tidying up last night, and there is more tidying to do!
All ready to die cut some of the images I coloured last week, will I get a day of colouring in this week? I hope so!

View from the other end.

Hmm, my cutting out bench needs more tidying, I need my Really Useful little boxes hung on the wall too. Was going to show this to Papermill, they asked for racks on walls.

View from the front of the desk, there are a lot of things on the floor that want sorting too.


  1. Hi Cazzy, no matter how much tidying you do there is always something that still needs sorting! Love those images you've got coloured there - it certainly looks like you're having a busy time. Thanks for your visit MMx #67

  2. Thanks for the note on how to comment. it works. The little men who live in out 'puters sure make life hard.
    The desk and room is glorious, full of mystery and interest and waiting to create at any minute
    Monica 107

  3. Hi Cazzy! Thank you for dropping by my blog :-). Ok..you do know messy lol, but isn't fun to have mess while you are being creative. It feels like I have done something, even if it is just a mess!! OMG I LOVE your craft area...I think if I had that I would feel like I had gone to Heaven!! Have a great week and Happy WOYWW.
    Janene #77

  4. yay, link worked this time!! well you've been busy, and yes I know, those seahorses on my table look a bit bad, I think they are going to be a bit heavy, when they dry!
    Have a great crafty Week!! HaPPy WoYwW!

    ((Lyn)) #52

  5. Finally made it to comment! Your comments box kept giving me html code at first! Happy woyww.I have now had a glass of wine and I am still trying to visit everyone so my message may be incoherent lol! Maybe that's why commneting was hard! jenx 129

  6. Thanks for welcoming me, the kind words and visiting my place.
    I sy if you can't make a mess you can't make anything at all!
    Blesssings, Robyn 133

  7. You have a fantastic space and it doesn't matter how much you straighten it up, I am sure it is like mine 5 mins later something jumps out and then is followed by other crafting objects to play and mess it up again. It's like these little secret crafters are hiding in the storage unit waiting to pounce on the clean space.LOL

    Trully I do love your space it feels like my home from here, minus the big window of course.

    Happy WOYWW
    Eliza 47

  8. :) just means there's lots to play with. Oh, you have an eBosser. Do you like it? Happy WOYWW! Nan #9

  9. Wow I want to just jump into your room and star playing with stuff!

  10. Hi Cazzy! Thank you so much for coming by the Playhouse to see me and leaving me a comment, so I made sure to come here and return the flavor! Am I ever impressed!! There is so much yummy goodness and crazy cazzy craftiness going on here, it would take more than a month of Sundays to eyeball it all!! Have a wonderful week! Darnell #47

  11. Comment from Hubby.....that is a bit crowded! Nothing like stating the obvious ey! It is not messy just crowded!
    I enjoy a good few hours colouring too, though not done for a while!


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