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Monday, 8 April 2013

Ponds and small children don't mix well

We were concerned about our pond and the imminent possibility that Kenny will walk! So we researched lots, came up with different solutions including building a fence which looked awful and ROSPA guidelines indicated it wasn't ideal. We looked at metal grids, and different nets as recommended on a forum. We ended up with two samples, one looked pretty standard but stronger than the average pond net to stop herons and cats, though the company said it was bought to stop children falling in there was a disclaimer saying that it might not prevent drowning. So when the sample of this totally different and very strong net turned up from Ropeseller on ebay we were sure it would be the right stuff. 

Man at work. Shaun made a new strong frame which is screwed down with and we can unscrew it to take it off if we need to. The net was a weird shape when it arrived, good job Shaun remembered that the corners were marked, so we stretched out the very long thin net using the markers and it did turn into the shape we expected. It was hard to get it right over the frame, we were trying to get the rows straight, and I had to help. Got my finger bashed and a scratch on my arm in the process.

Man proud of handiwork. Me Man and Me built this! I wanted him to fall on the net to test it but he wouldn't! We think the heron may have had a few fish in the transition period when the old nets and frames were propped on top of the new frame but didn't quite cover it. The heron inspected the new net - flying over then landing on the roof and then it flew off in disgust!

All this work is for Little Man - my gorgeous grandson Kenny who is 1 in May and pretty active. Here he is modelling the jacket I crocheted for him, it only just fits! One button undone here but it does curl up a bit.

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