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Wednesday, 3 April 2013


 I am joining inWOYWW at the Stamping Ground.
Doesn't look much different to the last time I showed you! Piles of stamps on one side as I was looking for certain stamps to sell, and some to use and then I think ooo I must use such and such, then they stay until they fall off the table or I can't bear it any longer! Max is in the middle waiting for me to come up with a colour combo I like, and some gorgeous Meljan Lyn images to the side also waiting hopefully to be coloured. 
I have my Spellbinders in DVD jewel cases lined with magnetic pvc, but I have run out of those now and due to winning several assorted dies and buying a few small dies which I was worried about losing somewhere I decided to buy an Artbin die storage satchel. This is nice and sturdy but a lot smaller than I thought it would be. You couldn't fit a set of Grand Nestabilities in but it is good for the smaller ones. It has 3 sheets of magnetic pvc, all are full now. It will fit 20 according to the blurb. So I am going to work out if it is cheaper to buy some sheets that I can cut to size or the refills. 

The other 3 marker trays arrived so I have sorted all my Promarkers and Trias out now, and there is room for more. I won some too, but there were a couple of duplicates in the set. I have taken out all new duplicates and put them in the packaging, and all the used ones and put them in a Tria tin until I need them. I added Promarker dots to the ends of the pens, these are available from Letraset and are in packs of two sets of ready coloured dots, two sets of uncoloured dots with the pen names on them and a few plain ones. I used the uncoloured ones and coloured them myself, not decided if that is the best option yet.
I find that the trays move out of place a bit too easily for my liking, I wonder if the half size Marker Satchel is more stable? There are different clips for this one and the smaller ones. At least I can put the pens out of the way when not in use and keep them clean and tidy!

Update: Enfys is giving away a set of Flexmarkers on 12th April, I am telling you because you can see I need them so I don't expect you to go win them!


  1. Hope that Max finds a suitable outfit soon.....
    Bishopsmate #75

  2. Such lovely images you have waiting to be colored!!! I haven't done much coloring lately and I miss it! Thank you for the inspiration!

  3. Cazzy, thank you for your lovely comments on my blog about the hair barrettes, sorry I am replying here as I could not see an email address on your blog. I am more than happy for you to make and sell these hair slides in your local store, but would ask that you don't sell them on line or submit them to magazines. I hope you have fun and enjoy making them, if you have any questions let me know. Also have to say I am glad I am not the only one that has storage issues, great post! Regards Cathy ( of candronicoucardcraft.blogspot.co.uk )

  4. I pressed HOME!! The comment thing is there, but not clickable, anyway, I'm here now! Great table Cazzy and I LOVE your storage for promarkers etc, I need something other than those ikea pots, as where I hang them, is too high, so I have to pull them off and then they just get in the way coz I can never find the right colour...Happy WOYWW
    ((Lyn)) # was 51

  5. Hi Cazzy from Kezzy lol yep we were meant to meet lol. Wow some fab colouring on your desk, it's certainly looking busy. I have the full promarker/flexmarker range and I put them on a shelf with dvds as reference. I now keep them downstairs as I tend to colour alot on the sofa. I have to ask where did you get your promarker storage from it looks brilliant. I am so loving how you store your spellbinders, what a fantastic idea. Happy Woyww :-) Kezzy xxx

  6. Ooops I meant to mention, I notice you do a wheat free blog, I'm going to check it out lol, my daughter was diagnosed with coeliac disease last year, bless her she was 15 at the time and it really has been hard on her especially as she become so ill. Kezzy xxx


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